Friday, March 13, 2009

Dave Ramsey Predicts Crocodile Hunters Death

I am a graduate of the Financial Peace University. I am debt free. I don't want to be become complacent, so I am listening to the FPU course while I drive. Truly, the video is better, but I only have the audio. One of the funny, but not so funny, thing about listening to the audio versus the video is that you get to hear some things that were edited out of the video. In the first lesson, Dave is discussing the danger of credit cards. One day, those credit cards are going to get you. He then makes an analogy to the Crocodile Hunter, the late Stever Irwin, he says, and I paraphrase, " you know that crocodile hunter on TV, he is always messing snakes and crocodiles. One of these days he is going to get it. They will get him. Now I hope that doesn't happen after I shoot this video because we'll have to edit it out." Sadly, the video was filmed before Steve's death and they did edit it out of the video, but not the audio. Maybe he should have left it in the video to illustrate his point even more.


Kansas Bob said...

The analogy is pretty good.. messin with crocs and credit are both risky business.

jrchaard said...

It is like a metaphor for the whole economy.

Casey said...

The thing is, though, Steve Irwin was an experienced crocodile handler. He had been doing it for decades. It was when he got out of his element that he got killed in a fluke accident (it was a normally harmless sting ray that killed him as he was swimming in the ocean).

Sorry, I know that's not really the point, but I enjoyed Steve Irwin's show and think he was a good man. :)