Monday, March 23, 2009


On this 4th day of spring, when the wind howls through the newly budded trees, as the clouds begin to darken and the precipitation begins to fall, I think of my grandmother, affectionately known as Ma'am. Today she passed away and I will never see her again, never laugh with her, or talk about politics. She loved severe weather and so do I. I will never think of another thunderstorm without thinking of her. How ironic that for such a gentle woman, I would remember her with such a violent force of nature. For those that knew her they would tell you that she feared no storms and stood as a pillar against their force. I honor your life Ma'am. I will alway remember calling you Mammy and you calling me sonny in return. I will remember how you used to keep the special soda in your refridgerator, like squirt and canfield's chocolate cherry soda. I remember she had spot on the couch that she would always sit in, close to the lamp, with her stack of newspapers she was reading next to her. I remember she always had a copy of mad magazine there to read, and a chest of toys in the hallway. I remember her gardens and her backyard, so lush with green. I remember my mom and ma'am spending long periods of time saying good bye to each other in the doorway, in the garage, and then in the drive way. I remember sitting on the fire place, that was my spot. I remember her assorted cats and dogs, all of which had character. Most of all I remember the conversations with her. From as long as I can remember, she spoke to you and listened and took interest. She didn't look down on you because you were a kid. She loved to luagh, and I liked to make her laugh. One time Ma'am and I were separated at my brother's wedding to keep from entertaining each other too much. What a treasure she was. I will miss you Ma'am

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thejotus said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma buddy.