Sunday, March 1, 2009

Obama Great for Clinton Image

I have found myself doing it more than just once, looking back nostalgically on the Clinton Presidency. He raised taxes, destroyed morality, tried to nationalize healthcare, redefined the word “is”, waged fake wars, and ignored the growing terrorist threat setting the stage for 911. Most of what he did was try to build an image and a legacy. As long as he kept his focus on that, he never went to extreme. He even managed to pass welfare reform. The man never had more than 50% of the vote in either election, so he never carried a real mandate. What myself and many other conservatives are now saying is that I wish I had Bill Clinton or even Hillary Clinton in office right now. Obama is a juggernaut of socialism. He moves his agenda with the same speed Hitler moved into the sudentenland, a blitzkrieg of big government legislation. There are some scary parallels between Hitler and Obama. Ultimately, in Germany’s poor economic condition, he needed a scapegoat, which became the Jews. Who will become Obama’s scapegoat. Will it be evangelicals. What will Obama do with his civilian defense force? The whole business makes me sick. I was watching Fox New Saturday morning during their financial coverage with Neil Cavuto. I think this guy is also becoming nauseous with the lack of financial principles and double speak. Through all of this chaos, Bill Clinton sits in his recliner watching news coverage of “tea parties” around the nation with a smile. His favorite station must be fox because it does allow Obama criticism. Bill likely tunes into talk radio to listen to his favorites, Rush, Hannity, and Savage. He probably even tries to call in. He is tickled that his wife has taken the job in the Obama administration that requires the most travel. His worst nightmare would have been for Hillary to become secretary of the interior. I wonder if he invites Monica over for any sleepovers. He shouldn’t care anymore. People are less picky these days.

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