Sunday, March 8, 2009

Obama's End Game: One World Government

I may have just jumped into the camp of the conspiracy theorists. It is really hard not to. All the things people have been talking about for years are actually coming about. I went out on a limb this weekend when I told my brother-in-law that the financial meltdown, with its start in artificially high oil prices, bad mortgages, and a run on banks, had a purpose. I believe that purpose is to push the one world government. If we all just unite for the one cause, the one government only makes sense. This is the logic that will be pushed on us all. I had only to wait 24 hours and there is a fox story talking about a global stimulus. The greater the responsibility, the greater the authority. My theory is taken from Alexander Hamilton's grab for federal power. Obama and his puppet masters will use this crisis to push for a world bank. That bank will print some sort of currency. Each country can then get loans from this bank. Each country and institution that is in debt to the bank will fall under its authority. Think about Obama's rise to power. Isn't it odd that we knew so little about this man. Isn't it odd that he can't speak without the aide of a teleprompter. The guy is just a face for the power behind the curtain. Didn't he only get elected because he could deliver a good speech. If I had the skill, I would turn this into a screenplay. It would be pretty cool. Take a man and groom him to be a good orator, then, when the time is right, orchestrate a global financial meltdown, make this guy president, and then push for the one world government. That's all I have for now, I have to take my medicine now. Or maybe you are crazy for not seeing it.


Anonymous said...

The sleeper has awakened. The sad thing is, the two party system is really just two sides of the same coin. Even if McCain won the "election" this would still be going in the same direction. The two party system keeps the veil over our eyes. Mainstream media also helps. That's a propaganda machine. And some people wondered how Germany became a nation of Nazis. Well, "they" learned from their mistakes and are much better at it now. Soon you'll see the plans within plans in everything, if you don't already. It was George Bush Sr. who, on September 11, 1990, announced the need for a new world order. Is life too weird or what?

Kansas Bob said...

I was telling someone this weekend that I thought that this stuff could be the beginning of the Babylonian economy. Possibly Dave Ramsey has got it all wrong? Lets just start putting things on credit before the Lord returns! Babylon rules! Not.

jrchaard said...

Anonymous, I love the references to Dune. I see three great houses. House Bush, House Clinton, and House Obama. Oil is the spice. The guild is OPEC. The Landsraad is the UN. CHOAM is the G7. Global Warming whackos are the bene Gesserit sisterhood.