Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Union's PR Nightmare: Arrowhead Stadium Rennovation In Jeopardy

If I'm a Union and I'm considering going on strike, the last thing I would think about disrupting as a result of my strike is Football. As the Kansas City Regional carpenter and ironworkers union set about to negotiate their contract, the cloud of strike looms eerily over Arrowhead Stadium. If there is a strike, it could cause the Kansas City Chiefs to have to play their home games on the road. If there was a support base for Unions, I would think they would pack Arrowhead stadium. I wonder how much they will support them now.

On the guilty side, the story gives me a cheek to cheek smile on so many fronts. First of all, for all those suckers in Jackson County that think taxpayer financed entertainment in the form of stadiums is a good idea, eat your heart out. Second, in a time when unemployment as a record level, it is so nice to see unions complain that they aren't getting paid enough. This just highlights how backward unions are. I walk into work each day just happy to have a job. I would never think about gathering up my coworkers and telling them to stop work unless we get more money. I would get fired and replaced and there wouldn't be anything I could do about it, and rightfully so. Third, take points one and two together at the same time and you have a wonderful PR nightmare for Unions.

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Kansas Bob said...

All I can say is wow.. the unions just seem to be their worst enemies.