Friday, April 24, 2009

Dave Ramsey Town Hall on Hope Recap

I attended the Dave Ramsey Town Hall on Hope last night. I found it very encouraging. I also realized that myself and Dave are pretty much cut from the same cloth when it comes to macro economics and the role of the government in the economy. Dave began by stating that the government is not the route to economic recovery. He gave a lesson on how Keynsian economics did not fix the depression. Keynsian economics means that you increase government spending and make the jobless government workers. He then went on to talk about how Milton Freedman revitalized capitalism. In addressing the atmosphere of business corruption, he said that the morality of a business was lacking and that it is an essential element of capitalism. A business should serve its customers and not milk them like a cow.
Dave explained that there are 3 factors that are important for our economy to rebuild itself, pain, “no”, and responsibility. As I have stated in a previous post, you must be able to feel pain in life. Pain keeps us on track and reminds us of mistakes. We shouldn’t let government try to take away our pain through deficit spending. Second, you have to learn how to say no. In Financial Peace University, Dave explains that a sign of maturity is delayed gratification. We need to say no to buying a house when we are broke. We all need to reintroduce this word into our economic lives. Finally, we have to take responsibility for our lives. We can’t sit around and wait for things to happen and we can’t blame everyone else when something goes wrong.
Since his town hall was about hope, Dave listed out his 3 keys to hope. First, he said to take action. Don’t sit around your house watching re-runs of Oprah waiting for a check because that check will never come. Be active for activities sake. Be dynamic and not static. Second, don’t engage in “loser” talk. If you hang out with a bunch of downers, they will bring you down with them. Avoid it. And lastly, give. He wants us to give so much that we put the government out of business. I especially like this one, because that is a pillar principle I have been advocating for years. Government shouldn’t be in the business of providing for the destitute. We need to get government out of God’s way by giving. In closing, Dave said hope ultimately comes from our Lord, Jesus Christ.
It was refreshing seeing a smart and well respected Christian man point to God as our hope. And he offered his testimony that when he started to buy into everyone else’s fear, he prayed and his fear was gone. Go Dave. Stay humble.

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