Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FREEDOM and Financial Peace Testamonial Part 4: Hope

Part 4: Hope

Previously, I spoke of our waiting on God for provision of a new car. During this time of waiting, our life group leaders discussed the topic of doing the Dave Ramsey financial study. I was very against this concept. I relented and put money down on faith. Following this decision, on New Year’s day, 2007, we received a phone call. A wonderful family in our church, who we only knew in passing, knew of our car situation. They offered to GIVE us their spare 1989 chevy s-10. I never would have thought such a thing was possible. God had a plan, and we faithfully followed it. It is amazing what can happen when you just wait.
This truck will probably go down as the most beloved vehicle I have ever owned. It meant that we would be free of car payments for the foreseeable future, giving us financial wiggle room. This truck came with character and kept me humble. Most obviously, the truck was almost 20 years old. I don’t know how many miles it had on it because the odometer stopped at 179k. I never had to worry about turning on my wipers when it rained because they automatically went off every 15 seconds, but I got used to it. The windows were automatic, but the switches were broken off, so you had to stick your nail in the gap to raise them up and down. The front bumper was detached, so we had to screw new holes through the chrome to re-attach it. We also had to rig a new front turn indicator. There was no AC, and the truck had sustained substantial hail damage. All of the dents and rust led it to become affectionately known as Storm Chaser.
Later in January, my wife and I began the class that would set our financial course for the next two years, and likely the rest of our lives. Our church life group decided to do the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course. I came along kicking and screaming. Now that we had positive cash flow, I was sure I could figure it all out. I’m very glad I went along, because what FPU provides goes beyond numbers. The class lasted several weeks and led to compounded blessings.First, let me begin with the concept. My wife and I are motivated by the freedom my brother-in-law has in his ability to help people because he has no debt, including home debt. We want to be in the same situation. Beyond that comes the concept of actual freedom for scripture says you are a slave to the debtor. How can you serve two masters? We wanted only one master, God. Debt has been an oppressive yoke on the shoulders of my family. It has affected every decision we have made for the past 7 years. I wanted to be free of that yoke. I want to have walk-away power, the ability to choose my job with less care of the financial impact. I want to build wealth for retirement and not rely on Social Security. I want to be able to buy the groceries we need, spend more per child on holidays, and my children the clothes they need when they need them. I want FREEDOM.


Kansas Bob said...

I am so enjoying your story Scott.. I feel like I am there with you yelling FREEEEEEEDOM!!

Thanks for my morning inspiration!

jrchaard said...

2 more left. Next week will be some nuts and bolts, and then the conclusion