Monday, April 20, 2009

FREEDOM and Financial Peace Testamonial Part 6: FREEDOM


We are now coming to the conclusion of my story. During 2008, we also became parents of twins. Talk about your double portion of blessing. It is one of the most awesome things God has blessed us with. It is truly a unique and wonderful experience.
One time, we took our eyes off of the prize. Remember, when left to your own, you can rationalize any decision. I somehow rationalized the purchase of a $525 television. It is a wonderful TV and is truly the first new luxury item we have ever owned. Purchasing that TV set us half a grand back in reaching our goal. Since we bought it this summer, we have watched it very little. It is a reality that we just don’t watch that much TV, and especially in that part of the house. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. I learned that with the end so close in sight, I could easily stray from course. The TV set me straight.
When you are close to a goal, the enemy will try all kinds of things to derail you. In October, I crashed Storm Chaser beyond repair. We were a one car family once again. Because my wife needed a car to transport the kids to home school coop, this was a very bad circumstance. My wife and I spent much time deliberating on what to do. We prayed and we talked and we waited. God gave us friends that work from home. Friends that allowed us to borrow their car so that my wife could take the kids to school on Mondays. Without these friends, we would not have been able to wait on God’s provision.
We had to put our debt snowball on hold. In its place, we began a car savings snowball. After 3 months of saving, we were able to buy a new to us 15 passenger van with cash. It was the van we always wanted and it came without debt. This happened just 3 short weeks ago.Since that time, we have received our tax refund and paid the bulk of our remaining debt. On February 6, 2009, we made our final payment toward debt. It is one of the strangest feelings. I thought I would be jubilant and pass out just from the excitement, but there is a part of me that is scared and a part that mourns, much the way a person might feel after a tragedy. I am scared about what life will be like without having this as such a focus. What will life be like without the yoke of debt and the bondage of slavery to credit cards. It is a piece of my life and identity that is now gone. But I am more joyful than anything. God has a plan for us after this adventure. It might be just sharing our story. In this difficult time in our nation, we need stories of redemption. I have a desire to lead Financial Peace University classes in my church. This is the time for us to all take up the yoke of Christ. Where your money is, your heart is also. I have been blessed. This is not the end. The is the beginning of something new.


Kansas Bob said...

What a great story Scott!

Give me call some time you need to really be free.. LOL.. and I'll by that unwatched TV from you :)

jrchaard said...

I wouldn't want to pass the chains over from me to you.

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