Sunday, April 5, 2009

Glaciel Advance Proves Global Cooling

In a previous post, I led with my concrete evidence that proved we have entered into a global cooling period. As further evidence, my most recent surveys of the North American Glacier have shown unseasonable glaciel advance. This morning, I emerged from glacier observation post 64030 and noticed that the ice had crept all the way up to my door step. I took a measurement and found the ice to be approximately 1/10 of a milimeter thick. The ice extended from the mouth of our house drain and ran along the walkway. Compared to the previous day, the ice coverage increased by 100%. A 100% increase in a single day is very alarming. I can't believe that any act of nature would cause such an increase, so I will not bother to hypothesize as much. Instead, I will limit my theory to man made events. For example, my neighbors grilled their dinner last night, sending tremendous amounts of smoke into the air, blocking the warming rays of the sun. We must end all outdoor grilling activities or run the risk of having frost on our windows.


Kansas Bob said...

You make me and Al Gore proud!

jrchaard said...

Thanks. Can't talk too long, I have to pick up some trash.