Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Springtime

The official kick off of spring is today. Not because of good Friday. Not because it is the Royal's home opener. The official kick-off of spring is when amateur hustler’s stand on street corners selling a worthless newspaper for charity. There are so many things wrong with this approach. First of all, you want to raise money for charity. If your lead in to raising that money is the Kansas City Star, chances are you will end up making more money by taking them directly to the recycle center. Secondly, the only thing worse than buying a Kansas City Star is buying a dripping wet Kansas City Star. In a way it is a service by preventing you from being able to read it, but I liken the KC Star to my dog. I don’t like my dog, but I like her even less when she is wet and smelly. If they really want to raise money, they should do what the firefighter’s do. Stand on the same corner’s with their boots. The cost of fundraising is lessened because you are trying to sell something, and you don’t have the deterrent of what you are selling. Maybe next year they can dump the Star and just hold out Royal’s hats.


Kansas Bob said...

You don't like your dog?

jrchaard said...

I only like the vaccum function, and even that is spotty.