Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obama Rope-a-Dopes Bush on Terrorism

Maybe the idea of dope in any form was enticing enough for Bush to let down his guard. Bush will go down in modern history as having used the pardon the least, which will end up hurting many people he put in charge of protecting the country. After Obama won the election, there was a lot of speculation about whether Bush would protect the various officials that carried out his anti-terrorism plans, knowing that Obama was strongly against Bush's measures and even talked about prosecution. Bush, the dope, was roped in by Obama promises to not prosecute members of his administration. A promise from Obama is like a promise from Stalin as we have learned and Bush should have had the foresight to protect his people. Obama is now saying the prosecution is an option and that Attorney General Eric Holder will be looking into the matter. On behalf of the likes of George Tenant and Dick Cheney, thank you George Bush for looking after your peeps.
But you Obama lovers, don't take heart that your man is a brilliant tactician. Right now, obama is being George Foremaned all over the planet by Cuba, venezuela, Iran, and North Korea. When they get their knockout punch in, it will be America that takes the fall.

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thejotus said...

We have known for years that Congressional leadership had seen footage from waterboarding, and had unanimously approved it. Including Jane Harman and Nancy Pelosi.

If crimes were committed, then these members of Congress--including other numerous democrats--will have to answer as well. And we can only know that when all of the data is revealed, which is exactly what Dick Cheney has been asking to be released. ALL of the records.

Obama’s not willing to do that, because he knows he has shit on his hands within his own corrupt party. So, bottom line, he never should have opened his douchenozzle of a mouth to begin with.

See you in court...