Thursday, April 23, 2009

Retro Crimes are a Sign of the Times

We already know that liberals like retro taxes. Now they are introducing a new concept, retro law. The premise is that if a liberal administration comes into office and doesn’t like the policies of the previous administration, simply decree that a certain process is illegal, let’s say waterboarding, and then prosecute people that devised and administered the process. Now let’s expand the logic of such a premise to your everyday life. Suppose you drive down a certain stretch of country road going 35 mph. There are many accidents on this road and the county decides to post 20 mph signs on the road to protect people. Now let’s also suppose that the sheriff issues tickets to all the people that had driven on the road in the past that exceeded the current speed limit. I don’t need to go any further because the logic obviously isn’t there. The only logic in this Obama decision is to use interrogation methods as a means of witch hunting. Obama thinks this will be the Republican’s blue stained dress. I can’t wait for the show trials. If you ever want to see a good parallel between Obama and what he is planning on doing, I suggest watching the HBO original movie “Stalin” starring Robert Duval.

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