Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sam Brownback Pro Choice on Sebelius

Most of us hold some principle dear to our hearts. Some of those principles we show to the rest of the world. Some of those principles still vocally advocate. In some ways, they can become our public identity. Then comes the put up or shut up moment. The test of character. If I say I am awesome at shooting free throws and say I practice all the time and somebody challenges me and I don't make a single shot, I lose all credibility. Sam Brownback had a chance to make some free throws in terms of his pro-life position when it came time to confirm the very pro-choice Kathleen Sebelius to be the Secretary the department of Health and Human Services. The result of his attempt, air ball. What is sad is that if he really wanted her to be selected because of some Kansas loyalty thing, his vote wasn’t even needed. It is like a thief showing up for a police line-up when he wasn’t even caught. So what does this say about the Sam’s convictions. It says that he has principles that override his pro-life beliefs. I can only speculate on what they may be, Kansas loyalty or re-election concerns. We’ve seen him do this before when it came to amnesty for illegals, so we shouldn’t be surprised. Pro-lifers have thought they had a nice advocate for years. They looked at the Sam Brownback goblet and thought it looked very appealing. What they didn’t know was that there was nothing of substance inside.

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Kansas Bob said...

Sad indeed Scott.. it is why we need to get rid of all career politicians.. they all sacrifice principle for politics.

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