Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu to Lead to Martial Law: Obama's Plan

Warning, you are about to enter a conspiracy theory zone. For a guy that wants to take over every aspect of your life, the misfortunes of the United States have provided a golden opportunity for Barrak Obama. With the economy in tatters, Obama has managed to take over the auto manufactures, the spine of manufacturing. He has managed to take over the banking industry, the spine of finance. He has his sights set on the healthcare industry and already owns schools. What is there left for Obama to take over? The answer is your individual freedoms. What a perfect opportunity a little health crisis would present for Obama to declare martial law and complete his work. If I were a fiction writer, I would start the conspiracy years ago. Allow the US border to remain wide open with the intention of building an illegal population in the United States to number in the millions. This population is transient, travelling back and forth between the US and Mexico. Once the political current is right, insert your left wing leader in the White House so that when the medical crisis in introduced, the left will be in charge when martial law is declared. Make your President a real puppet. The kind of guy that is great in front of a crowd. You don’t let him become too independent, so you keep him reading from a teleprompter. Meanwhile, back in the secret lair, a George Soros like character is the real mastermind. He has a team of scientists working on a highly communicable disease that will spread quickly, but not be too lethal. Make it too lethal and it won’t be able to spread and the real goal is power, not mass killing. With the virus in hand, he selects a target, Mexico City, the most densely populated city in North America. With the constant stream of illegals, the virus will spread quickly into the United States. The fear of the virus alone will allow the puppet president to declare martial law. It is during this time that the real leader consolidates power and institutes the NEW WORLD ORDER. Fiction you say. We’ll see.
Update: I just tuned into Rush, and he must have read my blog. He is basically echoing what I said.


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