Thursday, May 28, 2009

Obama is MAD for Socialism

For anyone that grew up during the Cold War, you would be familiar with the concept of MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction. The concept was that basis of the arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union. Basically, each side knew that no matter how a war would proceed, there would be enough of a nuclear arsenal left to destroy both sides, making the idea of a nuclear exchange unrealistic. When the concept was introduced by the Regan Administration of intercepting and destroying nuclear missiles, the Soviets countered by increasing the number of missiles launched so as to overwhelm the defensive systems. This concept eventually bankrupted the Soviet economy and the nation fell.
For many decades now, liberals and conservatives have also engaged in the principle of MAD, with neither side able to effectively swing the country in either direction. Obama has taken a page out of the Soviet handbook. Instead of lobbing individual liberal policy missiles into space with the possibility of it being shot down, Obama is attempting to overwhelm the conservative defenses by launching all missiles. To this point, he has been effective. Obama has pushed one program after another on the American people. Programs that once would have been up for weeks of debate, now get talked about for a couple of days before the next one comes through. Meanwhile, congress is voting Yes on the proposal from weeks previous. I try to follow the news and I am ignorant of all that has passed.
The end result of Obama’s MAD programs will be the same as the Soviets, total financial collapse. Who will be our drunken Yeltsin sitting on a tank in times square.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

G.I. Joe Movie Transforms into Power Rangers

If anyone has been to a movie lately, it is likely they also so the theatrical trailer for the new G.I. Joe movie. I was once anticipating this movie until I saw the preview. It looked normal enough, General Hawk establishing a team of highly trained, special mission troops whose mission is to destroy COBRA, a ruthless, terrorist organization designed to rule the world. Then I saw the conept of the accelerator suites and the movie premise went into the toilet. At first, I thought, why turn G.I. Joe into Transformers. They already have a movie coming out this summer. But with my wife's help, I realized something worse. They transformed G.I. Joe into Power Rangers. Instead of saying "Yo Joe", they will be saying "go go Power Rangers". The scene the encapsulated it best is when these G.I. Rangers are running down a street dodging missles in slo-mo. I gagged and gave the movie an immediate thumbs down.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Homeschool Coop Offers a Glimpse into Educational Possibilities

I don’t normally write about personal things, but today I thought I would take a break and share an experience. On Memorial Day, my family spent the day at our homeschool Coop’s open house and field day. The coop was great this year for kids. The dedication and skill of the teacher/parents was awesome. The first half of the day was the open house portion. Students shared all the things they had worked on during the year. I watched a class diagram a sentence and smile about it. Kids shared their grammar memory versus and biographies. Other children shared and performed the musical compositions they wrote. It was a very diverse presentation.
Aside from the academic skills of the children, I was most impressed with the conduct and commaradery of the children of the coop, ages 5 months to 18. It was like one big family reunion where everyone enjoys each other’s company. Four of my five children are 4 and under, and they are all loved and looked after by all the other children. It is a loving and trusting environment. One moment I see a girl carrying one of my one year olds and then I see a 12 year old boy trying to entertain my other kids. The love and respect doesn’t stop at my little ones. As I was carrying some things back to my van, I was asked by one of the older boys if I needed help. This was not an isolated act of kindness, but the kind of attitude that permeates the coop. The children displayed a maturity and respect that went beyond their years. I could sit at any table during lunch and talk to any child of any age and have a real conversation. This was the kind of stuff that if you saw it in a movie, you would think it was unbelievable. I saw it first hand and I still think it is unbelievable.

Friday, May 22, 2009

At the Red House Colors Melt Away

This video captures more than anything, I think, the view of a majority of Americans when it comes to race. This is what the world would be like without Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Klan, and the ACLU

If Jesus Came Today, What Would We Ask Him

I was reading in John Chapter 7 this morning and was sparked to thought. In the verse I was reading, the jews wondered where the teachings of Jesus came from since he did not study. His answer, of course, is that it came from him that sent him, meaning God. Quite often through the New Testament, we see the Pharisees and Saducees pose various questions to Jesus. Where did the baptism of John come from, who’s wife in heaven will the woman be of the 7 husbands, is it right to heal on the Sabbath….. All very deep and meaningful questions. So my thought from reading this verse is, if Jesus had come today as opposed to 2 thousand years ago, what type of question would our society, specifically our Christian society, ask Jesus. I thought of a couple of questions and I think it is an interesting reflection on what things we put our attention to.
The very first thing I think people in the church would ask is whether or not we are an old earth or new earth. So much time and energy is put into this topic, I think it would trump knowledge of salvation. Another question would be about abortion. I’m pretty sure I know the answer on this, but it would be asked never the less. Other questions might include homosexuality and woman in ministry. I’m not saying all of these questions are irrelevant, but if we were reading the testimony of Christ walking the earth and these were the questions asked, would the message have as much substantive meaning. Are these questions not indirectly answered through understanding the heart of God by reading what is already in the Bible.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Worst Phrase in Talk Radio

The worst phrase that can be said in talk radio is “What the Republicans need to do”. First of all, this betrays the speakers allegiance to a party rather than a principle. If they think about their history, what has that phrase gotten them. If the host were to play out that thought to its conclusion, what you end up with is the first 6 years of the Bush administration, which, of course, led to a Democrat super majority and a Democrat President. It isn’t that conservatism was defeated because that wasn’t what the Republicans campaigned on. The voters rejected the idea of electing a Democrat being disguised as the idea of a conservative in a Republican wrapper. I enjoy talk radio. I find it very informative for bringing up issues the mainstream media miss. When they put their faith in the Republican party, they are only perpetuating the problem. As long as these hosts hold this party out as an instrument to fight the socialism we see being advanced by the Democrats, we will never see change. Sure in 2 years we might vote out the Democrat majority. Sure in 2012 we might have a Republican as President again. Aren’t we only getting more of the same. Both of the Democrat and Republican trains are heading for socialismville. The Democrat train right now just so happens to be the bullet train. I say radio hosts, who can be the conductors of so many people, need to direct the people to a train with a destination far away from socialismville. They need to advocate for a new party. Next time I hear a radio host say “what the republicans need to do”, I’ll complete that sentence by saying “is quit the party and officially join the Democrats to make room for a real opposition.”

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obama Raises CAFE Standards: Shoots Middle Class in the Back with Buckshot

Obama was elected on a popularist platform. He was for the middle-class. He wouldn’t raise taxes on 95% of people. Over 100 days into his presidency, and he has blown his promise. Sure the national income tax for that tax bracket hasn’t been raised, but that hasn’t stopped Obama from gouging this same group of people. And it ain’t about money either. If it were, Barrak would simply print more. Taking your money is about taking away your freedoms and giving him power.
Let’s look at targeted taxes first. He has already raised the cigarette tax and aims to slap on a soda tax. It is obvious that the direct target of such a tax is the middle class. While this group of people might not have money for vacations and sports cars, they do spend their money on the little indulgences like smoking and eating sweets. Increasing taxes limits the freedom the middle class has to pursue these things. But the elite know that it is better that they limit your freedom to protect you.
Now, Barrak Obama is dramatically increasing the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards to 35 MPG. He claims it will save oil and cut down on emissions. The reality is that automobiles will be made lighter and less safe, increasing traffic fatalities as they did in the 80’s. Who will be really affected by this policy is the middle class once again. Let’s face it, this group of people are typically responsible for larger families. Larger families mean large vehicles are needed to transport the families. These larger vehicles will become less safe and more scarce. People will hang on to their older, less fuel efficient cars, defeating the very purpose of the plan, and fatalities will increase. How many news stories of families dying in their light weight, 8 passenger station wagons will people stomach before they ask for change again.
The middle class will also be affected by the expense of trucks, vans, and SUVs as the cost to design and manufacture these vehicles to meet the C A F E standards will go up by $1600 per vehicle. The price to purchase these vehicle will increase. Every company that has to maintain a fleet of such vehicles will have to pass that cost on to the consumer, again shrinking the pocket books of the middle class. And think of how many low and middle class people will not be able to buy trucks to haul things around and do odd jobs. Will all the F-150 owners paint their faces blue and cry for FREEDOM.
This is also just another step by the left of totally eliminating the auto industry. If I were to spend billions of dollars to try to keep an industry afloat, and the same time, change the standards that industry must operate in a way that further hinders its ability to compete, you might say I was insane. Obama, however, is considered brilliant. It is like having a broken arm and the government paying to have the bone set, but then outlaw casts. Your arm will never heal and neither will the auto-industry. And who works in the auto-industry? The middle class of course. So if this industry fails, I guess they lose their jobs too. Obama is taking a shotgun to the backs of the American middle class. He isn’t blowing a gaping hole, he is filling them with tiny little pellets that can’t be easily seen.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SimCity 4: Obama's Tutorial

I spent my Sunday playing Simcity 4, a building and maintaining a city scenario game. I thought about the game and realized that the designers of the game had to arrive at a theory of economic principles so that the various combinations of factors would play out in success of failure. The designers could be free marketers or Keynsian believers. I had a difficult time getting my city to grow and sustain positive cash flow. It was as if the city’s economy was in a depression worse than the 1930’s. Unemployment was high and the government was running a deficit. Since we are in similar economic times and our President is making spot on decisions, I thought I would emulate his approach.
First, I raised taxes on the rich and lowered taxes on the poor. By raising taxes on the rich, new jobs should be created and new businesses opened. Instead, the rich left town and I was left with all low income zoning, poor education and high crime.
Next, I took out loans that ballooned my treasury so that I could do public works projects. By taking out the loan and infusing the economy with money, I would again stimulate job and business growth. Instead, desirable companies left. My industry was dirty and commerce was low-end retail. Additionally, the interest on the loan put me further into a deficit.
Finally, I increased government jobs by adding every kind of park, police, fire, and healthcare department there is, along with extra city buildings to maintain. By increasing government payrolls, I would cut unemployment. It is funny that no matter how many government workers I had, I didn’t create any new jobs. My deficit ballooned and I was eventually thrown out of office as Mayor.
It makes so much sense to a game designer that big government doesn’t work. As a game player, it also makes sense. I think that they should design a game called simnation. This game would allow the President to play out all of his theories on economics on his computer before he tries them out on us.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gallup Poll on Abortion: Maybe you shouldn't be funding International abortions MR. Obama

A gallup poll released this week showed that for the first time in 35 years, a majority of American are against abortion. Before I could get down to the results, I had to read through two paragraphs of nonsense from TIME reporter Nancy Gibb. I could feel her pain as I read the article. Her disbelief was overwhelming. Her opening was her attempt and saying the results had no legitimacy because those being polled only had two choices of for or against abortion. She believes that people believe in some abortion, but since that wasn’t an option, they chose no abortion. When the poll was released in 1995 saying quite the opposite, I seriously doubt anyone tried to say that the people that chose pro-abortion did so in error. I’m sure it was reported as a mandate at the time.
Regardless, I see the poll as a total validation of what I have observed in speaking with people over the last several years. I have seen more and more distaste for abortion. It is kind of like smoking, when smoking was first linked to cancer, you still had people in denial and smoked themselves to death. Anyone that started smoking after the label was put on the pack had to be responsible for what would come. When Roe-v-Wade was decided, you had a couple of generations of woman that didn’t really see the consequence. Now with ultrasound technology, it is like slapping a warning label on pregnancy. WARNING: PREGNANCY RESULTS IN LIFE. Partly because pro-lifers have been pushing that message strongly for years, people are waking up to the life decision they are making and they aren’t taking it lightly.

Friday, May 15, 2009

David Hasselhoff Jump in My Car... And Drive to the Cheese Factory

I decided to take a break from politics today and present you wAdd Imageith the biggest bit of cheese ball fun you will have watched in a long time. First of all, when you watch this, don't think this is some sort of spoof. The video and song are legit attempts at a singing career. As homage to his european popularity, the hoff even sits on the passenger side to drive his car. The best part comes after 50 seconds when David goes into his dance routine. At first you feel akward, and then you laugh. The other akward part is the premise of some 52 year old man trying to entice woman at least 30 years younger than himself to "Jump in his car". And i'm sure the most expensive part of the video was finding three talented enough acresses to pretend that they would be interested in his offer. Watch the video and enjoy. To me, it is as fun as the VanDamme Friday e-mail that went out where Jean-Claude showed off his moves in Breakin 2.
David Hasselhoff Jump in My Car

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sin Tax - Whim Tax

Government programs are such slippery slopes they should be called waterslides. I often seem heartless to people when I say that the government shouldn't be "compassionate" and start some new program to help a person that feels pain. I think it is more compassionate to the people as a whole to not open their lives to government intrusion, no matter what the circumstance. So that takes me to the concept of sin taxes. They aren't actually called sin taxes, but that is their unofficial name. The idea is to place a sales tax on purchases of a "sinful" item, like cigarettes and alcohol. The problem with the “sin” concept is how sin is interpreted. We know our government’s focus has to been to become as secular as possible, so the idea of a secular sin is a bit of an oxymoron. Since there is no moral basis for determining the sin, the sin turns into the whim of the current party in power. I’m sure everyone who thought it would be a great idea to target smoking and drinking didn’t foresee the targeting of sugar and fat. I’m sure they didn’t realize that under our current administration driving would be a sin because of the impact on the environment. When we hand over to the government the ability to determine sin with nor moral basis, and give them the ability to level judgement, our slippery slope is a landslide of disappearing liberties. Think about this concept as Obama looks to healthcare, banking, and the auto industry.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Roller-Coasters and Obamacare.

The new Health and Human Services secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, was on Fox on Tuesday morning to talk about Obamacare. Of course it is urgent and of course we should just trust them on how it will be developed. All of that aside, one of the hosts did post the question that really has no meaning in the Obama administration, “how are you going to pay for this”. Her response was vague and indirect. The most I could make out is that it will be paid for by adding more people onto the program. To break it down into regular person terms it works like this. Suppose healthcare is an amusement park. You pay for a season pass and use it as needed. Some people though, sneak into the park and use it just as freely as you do. Now, the amusement park has to increase the ticket prices for paying members to cover the costs of the gate jumpers. Under the Obama plan, instead of trying to find ways to cut down on the gate jumpers, they will just add them to your plan. If you have a season pass to cover a family of 5, they will tack on an additional charge to cover two gate jumpers. Additionally, when you go to the park, you are now told which rides you can ride and how many times you can ride the ride. The reason for this is that since the gate is now wide open, everyone has come crashing into the park. And because the price of the season pass is fixed, the park cannot afford to expand or improve existing rides. The demand on the existing park and rides has caused the rationing of ridership. The park also has less money to pay its employees, which makes working at the park less attractive. Let’s face it, spending 12 years of school to figure out how to operate the flying Dutchman is just not worth it if the money isn’t there. Now the park has to cut back on the major thrill rides because they don’t have enough people or funds to operate them. The lines get longer at the barrel and tea cups. The park makes you set up appointments for when you can use your season pass. Maybe it’s your child’s birthday and they want to go to the amusement park to celebrate, but they can’t use it because it is full. The very people you wanted to help by opening the gates to everyone are now suffering. Since there is no real incentive to entice people to come because the season passes are mandatory for those that the government has decided must pay, the maintenance starts to go down-hill. People leave the park with illnesses they didn’t have before they came, such as tetanus from rusty rides. A few of the very rich, as well as the heads of government go overseas to visit privately run amusement parks so they can ride the latest roller-coasters. Roller-coasters aren’t even available in the United States anymore. This is Obamacare.

Radio Causes Weight Loss

I am a talk radio junkie. I love to listen to my AM talk when I can and have been doing it all my life. My first car only had an AM radio, but I wasn't bummed because that was all I would listen to anyway. Since I listen to talk radio, I also listen to all of the commercials. One commercial that spans AM and crosses over to the FM band is for weight loss programs. Each station and time slot features its on air personality, along with either their news person or producer, talking about how many pounds they lost in 3 weeks on things like Slim 4 life. When you go to the website and look at their pictures, you realize why they are on radio. So what weight are the losing. It seems that it is the perpetual 40 lbs of water weight that they gain and lose, gain and lose. If these people really lost the weight they advertise, I would imagine they might make it on TV. In the case of local radio personalities Scott Parks and Mike Shanin, I hope they leave the AM waves and wind up on MSNBC where nobody will pay attention to them there either.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


This blog will be on vacation through 5/10/2009. Due to the recent swine flu epidemic, I will be taking my family to the hills to stay at a survivalist camp. There we will learn the ways of Ted Nugent, the great hunter. Our goal is to escape the swine flu and work on our target practice so that when we get back to the city, we will be good at shooting stationary pieces of paper there as well. Until then, you will be on your own.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Washington Times Confrms Zulubuff Ethanol Policy

According to the Washington times, everything I have said about ethanol is true. Of course it took the federal government a year to gather the data that I was able to come up with by just using logic. In a nutshell, there is a trickle down affect of government subsidized ethanol that is nothing but negative. First of all, the price of food goes up because of decreased corn available for filling non energy needs. Meat, dairy, poultry and other staples have gone up in price. Of the 5% increase in food prices, ethanol accounted for 10 to 15 percent of the increase. Food stamp expenditures increased, as did anthing tied to cost of living adjustments. And the irony of it all is that if current greenhouse reducing factors like forests and prairies are cut down to increase corn crops, greenhouse gases will rise. End the ethanol insanity now.

Swine Flu Vaccination Fiction

I’m starting to see a future for myself in conspiratorial fiction. The whole Obama administration has bubbled up my creative juices. I want to continue on my fictional swine flu ride on today’s post. Previously, I mentioned that the swine flu was an invented disease brought about by the powers behind the scenes to grab more power. Today I want to talk about the cure. So the powers release the virus in a densely populated city in Mexico. The disease spreads quickly and because of our open borders, it makes its way up into the United States. Mexico is a great spawning point since it has the “3rd world” street credit that you would expect for a virus called the swine flu to originate. The virus is not meant to be totally fatal, at first. If it is too lethal, it cannot effectively spread. Cases start popping up all over the US, but not in the numbers that were hoped. Never the less, the media, on the orders of the administration, begin to raise up the panic, turning classmate against classmate and coworker against coworker. To increase the spread of the virus and panicked atmosphere, the administration authorizes one of the planes serving as Air Force One to fly over New York City at low altitudes dispersing the virus on the city below. Air Force One is used because at this point, the crew is the only one that can be trusted. They say that they did it for publicity photos and the people buy it. As the epidemic progresses to a pandemic, the cure is suddenly found. The cure is truly a cure. The virus was designed with latent affects that would cause fatality only after recovery from the first symptoms. Based on psychological research, the administration knows that those who will take the vaccine will likely be those that would be more willing to take the government at their word. Prior to releasing the virus, the powers behind the scene spent a lot of time creating distrust of vaccines by tampering with them by adding things like mercury. The mainstream medical professionals downplayed their impact, but the people that are more independent and research things before they inject themselves or their kids with needles opt out of the vaccinations. What they don’t realize is that has been the goal all along, setting the stage for the swine flu and its vaccination. Those that rebel against vaccinations are more likely to not follow the mandates of the New World Order. In essence, the design of the virus is to separate the followers from the potential rebels. This stuff just writes itself doesn’t.