Friday, May 15, 2009

David Hasselhoff Jump in My Car... And Drive to the Cheese Factory

I decided to take a break from politics today and present you wAdd Imageith the biggest bit of cheese ball fun you will have watched in a long time. First of all, when you watch this, don't think this is some sort of spoof. The video and song are legit attempts at a singing career. As homage to his european popularity, the hoff even sits on the passenger side to drive his car. The best part comes after 50 seconds when David goes into his dance routine. At first you feel akward, and then you laugh. The other akward part is the premise of some 52 year old man trying to entice woman at least 30 years younger than himself to "Jump in his car". And i'm sure the most expensive part of the video was finding three talented enough acresses to pretend that they would be interested in his offer. Watch the video and enjoy. To me, it is as fun as the VanDamme Friday e-mail that went out where Jean-Claude showed off his moves in Breakin 2.
David Hasselhoff Jump in My Car


Troy said...

It was better than the RED House video. I think he could have afforded a better quality special effects ending. -- The girls were like "Its that guy from the SpongeBob Movie" and "What is a NightRider anyway".

jrchaard said...

To them, I think a night rider is a prostitute