Monday, May 18, 2009

Gallup Poll on Abortion: Maybe you shouldn't be funding International abortions MR. Obama

A gallup poll released this week showed that for the first time in 35 years, a majority of American are against abortion. Before I could get down to the results, I had to read through two paragraphs of nonsense from TIME reporter Nancy Gibb. I could feel her pain as I read the article. Her disbelief was overwhelming. Her opening was her attempt and saying the results had no legitimacy because those being polled only had two choices of for or against abortion. She believes that people believe in some abortion, but since that wasn’t an option, they chose no abortion. When the poll was released in 1995 saying quite the opposite, I seriously doubt anyone tried to say that the people that chose pro-abortion did so in error. I’m sure it was reported as a mandate at the time.
Regardless, I see the poll as a total validation of what I have observed in speaking with people over the last several years. I have seen more and more distaste for abortion. It is kind of like smoking, when smoking was first linked to cancer, you still had people in denial and smoked themselves to death. Anyone that started smoking after the label was put on the pack had to be responsible for what would come. When Roe-v-Wade was decided, you had a couple of generations of woman that didn’t really see the consequence. Now with ultrasound technology, it is like slapping a warning label on pregnancy. WARNING: PREGNANCY RESULTS IN LIFE. Partly because pro-lifers have been pushing that message strongly for years, people are waking up to the life decision they are making and they aren’t taking it lightly.

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thejotus said...

I love how Obama tried to dish us out a heaping scoopful of pap about tolerance and dialogue aimed at defusing the issue. An issue that 1) he 100% supports any and ALL abortion--especially late term and 2) he 100% supports the denial of medical care in aborted fetuses that miraculously survived the proceedure.

I think Huckabee put it nicely (and I am no fan of the Huckster) when he framed the enormity of abortion as similar to that of slavery; just as slavery had to be expunged nationally via constitutional amendment, so does abortion in his opinion. Once you’ve come to see it that way, how “open-minded” can you really be in disagreement? To borrow The One’s phrase, what “fair-minded words” would be regarded as fair in defense of slavery?