Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Homeschool Coop Offers a Glimpse into Educational Possibilities

I don’t normally write about personal things, but today I thought I would take a break and share an experience. On Memorial Day, my family spent the day at our homeschool Coop’s open house and field day. The coop was great this year for kids. The dedication and skill of the teacher/parents was awesome. The first half of the day was the open house portion. Students shared all the things they had worked on during the year. I watched a class diagram a sentence and smile about it. Kids shared their grammar memory versus and biographies. Other children shared and performed the musical compositions they wrote. It was a very diverse presentation.
Aside from the academic skills of the children, I was most impressed with the conduct and commaradery of the children of the coop, ages 5 months to 18. It was like one big family reunion where everyone enjoys each other’s company. Four of my five children are 4 and under, and they are all loved and looked after by all the other children. It is a loving and trusting environment. One moment I see a girl carrying one of my one year olds and then I see a 12 year old boy trying to entertain my other kids. The love and respect doesn’t stop at my little ones. As I was carrying some things back to my van, I was asked by one of the older boys if I needed help. This was not an isolated act of kindness, but the kind of attitude that permeates the coop. The children displayed a maturity and respect that went beyond their years. I could sit at any table during lunch and talk to any child of any age and have a real conversation. This was the kind of stuff that if you saw it in a movie, you would think it was unbelievable. I saw it first hand and I still think it is unbelievable.

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