Friday, May 22, 2009

If Jesus Came Today, What Would We Ask Him

I was reading in John Chapter 7 this morning and was sparked to thought. In the verse I was reading, the jews wondered where the teachings of Jesus came from since he did not study. His answer, of course, is that it came from him that sent him, meaning God. Quite often through the New Testament, we see the Pharisees and Saducees pose various questions to Jesus. Where did the baptism of John come from, who’s wife in heaven will the woman be of the 7 husbands, is it right to heal on the Sabbath….. All very deep and meaningful questions. So my thought from reading this verse is, if Jesus had come today as opposed to 2 thousand years ago, what type of question would our society, specifically our Christian society, ask Jesus. I thought of a couple of questions and I think it is an interesting reflection on what things we put our attention to.
The very first thing I think people in the church would ask is whether or not we are an old earth or new earth. So much time and energy is put into this topic, I think it would trump knowledge of salvation. Another question would be about abortion. I’m pretty sure I know the answer on this, but it would be asked never the less. Other questions might include homosexuality and woman in ministry. I’m not saying all of these questions are irrelevant, but if we were reading the testimony of Christ walking the earth and these were the questions asked, would the message have as much substantive meaning. Are these questions not indirectly answered through understanding the heart of God by reading what is already in the Bible.

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Kansas Bob said...

So often those religious folks questions were not sincere ones but tests and traps that Jesus usually sniffed out. We might not be ready for Jesus' answers :)