Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obama Raises CAFE Standards: Shoots Middle Class in the Back with Buckshot

Obama was elected on a popularist platform. He was for the middle-class. He wouldn’t raise taxes on 95% of people. Over 100 days into his presidency, and he has blown his promise. Sure the national income tax for that tax bracket hasn’t been raised, but that hasn’t stopped Obama from gouging this same group of people. And it ain’t about money either. If it were, Barrak would simply print more. Taking your money is about taking away your freedoms and giving him power.
Let’s look at targeted taxes first. He has already raised the cigarette tax and aims to slap on a soda tax. It is obvious that the direct target of such a tax is the middle class. While this group of people might not have money for vacations and sports cars, they do spend their money on the little indulgences like smoking and eating sweets. Increasing taxes limits the freedom the middle class has to pursue these things. But the elite know that it is better that they limit your freedom to protect you.
Now, Barrak Obama is dramatically increasing the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards to 35 MPG. He claims it will save oil and cut down on emissions. The reality is that automobiles will be made lighter and less safe, increasing traffic fatalities as they did in the 80’s. Who will be really affected by this policy is the middle class once again. Let’s face it, this group of people are typically responsible for larger families. Larger families mean large vehicles are needed to transport the families. These larger vehicles will become less safe and more scarce. People will hang on to their older, less fuel efficient cars, defeating the very purpose of the plan, and fatalities will increase. How many news stories of families dying in their light weight, 8 passenger station wagons will people stomach before they ask for change again.
The middle class will also be affected by the expense of trucks, vans, and SUVs as the cost to design and manufacture these vehicles to meet the C A F E standards will go up by $1600 per vehicle. The price to purchase these vehicle will increase. Every company that has to maintain a fleet of such vehicles will have to pass that cost on to the consumer, again shrinking the pocket books of the middle class. And think of how many low and middle class people will not be able to buy trucks to haul things around and do odd jobs. Will all the F-150 owners paint their faces blue and cry for FREEDOM.
This is also just another step by the left of totally eliminating the auto industry. If I were to spend billions of dollars to try to keep an industry afloat, and the same time, change the standards that industry must operate in a way that further hinders its ability to compete, you might say I was insane. Obama, however, is considered brilliant. It is like having a broken arm and the government paying to have the bone set, but then outlaw casts. Your arm will never heal and neither will the auto-industry. And who works in the auto-industry? The middle class of course. So if this industry fails, I guess they lose their jobs too. Obama is taking a shotgun to the backs of the American middle class. He isn’t blowing a gaping hole, he is filling them with tiny little pellets that can’t be easily seen.


Anonymous said...

Whining about Obama raising the CAFE standards is a typical, non-progressive, kneejerk reaction of the Right.

American gasoline is inexpensive when compared with fuel prices in other countries. British motorists are currently paying about $8.38 per gallon for gasoline. In Norway, a major oil exporter, drivers are paying $8.73. IEA data shows that in India—where the per capita gross domestic product is about $2,700 (about 6 percent of the per capita GDP in the United States), drivers have been paying more for their diesel fuel and gasoline than their American counterparts.

To further put this in perspective, Budweiser costs $18 per gallon.

The simple truth is that inevitably, Americans are going to have to get used to more expensive gasoline if only by virtue of its future lack of availability. We need to accept the fact that even at $4 per gallon, the fuel we are buying is still a bargain. CAFE standards aside, nobody is taking away your truck, minivan, or SUV. You can continue to drive it indefinitely, if you choose to do so, but it is going to cost you more to drive it above price increases to better fuel efficiency.

The fact of the matter is that the American auto industry shot itself in the foot, but forgot to take its head from between its foot and the gun.

In ecological terms, we have been peeing in our pool unnoticed for many years. If you think that CO2 emissions are healthy for the planet, continue to drive what you are driving. Just keep in mind that when your grandchildren become adults, they will just scratch their heads and wnder why anyone would pee where they swim.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but attending the announcement of the higher CAFE standards were top officials from Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, BMW, Nissan, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz and Mazda, along with United Auto Workers president Ron Gettlefinger. In addition to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick were there.

This isn't a leftist conspiracy. Just go ahead thinking that Jesus invented television and be comfortable in your little, paranoid, small-minded cocoon.

jrchaard said...

Because I am an American, I am not satisfied with having my standard of living lowered to match that of Europe. If that is what America was about, there would be no America. And if you are worried about CO2, close your mouth and stop breathing. If you can tell me how we have had ice ages and all that ice melted away and then froze again without man's intervention, and why we think that such cycles have ended, then I will concede to your point and ride my european bicycle to work.

Anonymous said...

Standard of living lowered to match that of Europe? How do you define "standard of living"? Have you ever lived in Europe?

Yes, let's keep spewing CO2 into the atmosphere the way we have been. I assume you like standing next to a smoker as well?

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