Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Radio Causes Weight Loss

I am a talk radio junkie. I love to listen to my AM talk when I can and have been doing it all my life. My first car only had an AM radio, but I wasn't bummed because that was all I would listen to anyway. Since I listen to talk radio, I also listen to all of the commercials. One commercial that spans AM and crosses over to the FM band is for weight loss programs. Each station and time slot features its on air personality, along with either their news person or producer, talking about how many pounds they lost in 3 weeks on things like Slim 4 life. When you go to the website and look at their pictures, you realize why they are on radio. So what weight are the losing. It seems that it is the perpetual 40 lbs of water weight that they gain and lose, gain and lose. If these people really lost the weight they advertise, I would imagine they might make it on TV. In the case of local radio personalities Scott Parks and Mike Shanin, I hope they leave the AM waves and wind up on MSNBC where nobody will pay attention to them there either.

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