Thursday, May 21, 2009

Worst Phrase in Talk Radio

The worst phrase that can be said in talk radio is “What the Republicans need to do”. First of all, this betrays the speakers allegiance to a party rather than a principle. If they think about their history, what has that phrase gotten them. If the host were to play out that thought to its conclusion, what you end up with is the first 6 years of the Bush administration, which, of course, led to a Democrat super majority and a Democrat President. It isn’t that conservatism was defeated because that wasn’t what the Republicans campaigned on. The voters rejected the idea of electing a Democrat being disguised as the idea of a conservative in a Republican wrapper. I enjoy talk radio. I find it very informative for bringing up issues the mainstream media miss. When they put their faith in the Republican party, they are only perpetuating the problem. As long as these hosts hold this party out as an instrument to fight the socialism we see being advanced by the Democrats, we will never see change. Sure in 2 years we might vote out the Democrat majority. Sure in 2012 we might have a Republican as President again. Aren’t we only getting more of the same. Both of the Democrat and Republican trains are heading for socialismville. The Democrat train right now just so happens to be the bullet train. I say radio hosts, who can be the conductors of so many people, need to direct the people to a train with a destination far away from socialismville. They need to advocate for a new party. Next time I hear a radio host say “what the republicans need to do”, I’ll complete that sentence by saying “is quit the party and officially join the Democrats to make room for a real opposition.”

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Kansas Bob said...

Don't think the problem is the two-party system Scott.. the issue is incumbency.. get rid of career politicians and things might change a bit?