Friday, June 26, 2009

Pets and Kids: No Comparison

Many childless pet owner’s make an odd comparison between a child and a pet. I’m not talking about people that can’t have children, but your average fertile man or woman or couple. I have several children myself, as well as a dog. Since I can relate to having both children and pets, I can say that there is absolutely no way to compare children with pets in regards to love and responsibility. It is a very na├»ve thing to say “ I love my dog or cat as if they were my child.” This statement drives me up the wall. You don’t take children to be euthanized when you can’t afford a surgery. It is as simple as that. When you tragically lose a child, you don’t go to the kid shop a few months later and try to buy one that reminds you of the one that died and then forget about the original one. A child is in your thoughts and concerns at all times. You are responsible for raising and loving that child so that it can be a healthy adult. There is no amount of love to compare to the love of a child. Doing these type of comparisons is like watching Saving Private Ryan and then going up to someone that landed on Omaha beach and say, “I know exactly what it was like for you.” I think I would have my backside planted into the ground. And remember folks, it’s okay to love your pets, but it’s not okay to looove your pets.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Bias Against Stay-At-Home Mothers

I work and interact with many young, single, childless woman in a professional, college educated work environment. What strikes me is how deep the belief runs that being a stay-at-home mother is in no way a worthy or fulfilling job. I recently had a conversation with a young woman expressing my empathy for a woman that recently returned to work after being on maternity leave. Her reaction was more of relief that the new mother is probably excited to get back to work after 3 months of boredom. What this statement says is that her belief is that it is much more important and fulfilling sitting at a desk, typing e-mails, answering calls, doing presentations and interacting with people that have no real emotional connection to you than it is to guide and care for the everyday needs of the child you carried for 9 months in your womb. It is better to close that sale than to see your child’s first steps. I understand that financial situations often cause the mother to have to return to work, and not to mention a single mother’s burden. This is not a statement on either of this situations. I am commenting on the bias that so many young ladies have toward being a mother. This bias is so strong that so many woman are waiting until they get older and older to have children. Our dropping birth rates support this belief. We have scared woman into having children and shamed them for wanting to stay at home. I get excited any time I hear of a woman that has gone on leave and decided to not come back. I am so thankful that we have been blessed to be able to have my wife stay at home. We do so at great sacrifice financially. The work she does at home will pay off for generations to come.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Honoring Vietnam in Afghanistan

I came across this headline today and couldn't help but be reminded of our mistakes in Vietnam, aside from the debatable "us being there". When I see this kind of headline, I realize that this decision was not likely made in the field by military commanders. Not allowing our soldiers to attack near Afghan homes is like setting up the rules for tag. All the taliban have to do is go and attack our soldiers and then run back to an Afghan home and say "base." What could possibly be the point here. It definitely can't be a strategy for success. This type of strategy just says stalemate. So to does announcing an exit date in Iraq. How many lives will we have sacrificed in vain.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama's Faith

At what point do we start to wonder if Obama has somehow received the Holy Spirit. His actions toward abortion and his eagerness to share his Muslim upbringing cast doubt to me. His pastor of 20 years is a racist and anti-semite that preached anything but the love of Christ. Remember, this is the church where Obama received his spiritual milk. It is like the parable of the sower. Did Obama willingly receive the word only to have it take root in the rocky pulpit of Jeremiah Wright. If he did receive the Spirit willingly, I think he now uses it, as many politicians do, to subdue evangelicals. Ultimately, God will be the judge. In the meantime, I'm not going to be telling my kids, "see kids what a Christian can do".

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Barrak OStalin Has Named His Official Government Media Station

So I guess ABC won the bidding war to be Obama's official station for government propaganda.

Obama Eyes Healthcare

To quote president Obama's speech to the AMA, "In the next 10 years, 1 out of every 5 dollars will be spent on healthcare." If I could read Obama's thoughts, it would have said, "In the next 10 years, 1 out of every 5 dollars will be spent on healthcare. This will be an awesome opportunity for me to grab another 20% of the economy. When I control your money, I control you, the sheople." If the bible says that where your treasure is, there your heart is also, why would we allow the government to take so much of our money. Clearly Obama is motivated by wanting our hearts to turn to him, many willingly, and the rest through control of our money. When it comes to healthcare, I truly believe this man has no thought to the uninsured are destitute. His pattern indicates only control and domination over everything he gets his hands on. Why would it be different for him.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Airforce Like Economy:Sticks to used Jets instead of New Models

It used to be that the older models were left for sale to other nations, leaving our fleet to be the best. Now, we are shopping around our top of the line models to nations that could used them to shoot down our older fleet. Maybe Iran or pakistan or North Korea will bite.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Grandview's Gestapo Saving Lives by Sign Removal

Do you ever wonder what the Gestapo did in their spare time. Having just witnessed Grandview's Gestapo, I have a good idea. I believe they went around Germany and removed garage sale signs from public easements. In the lovely city of Grandview MO, there is a budget for a neighborhood services truck to drive around town and remove sale signs that are 15 feet or less from the street. What a nobel profession to have. How does a city come about devising such laws. My theory is that some busy body attended the city council hearings and lobbyed to have this ordiance enacted. Meanwhile, the masses of citizens that disagree or could care less hardly even notice the ordinance until it is time for them to put up a sign, only to have it removed and disposed of. Did Jefferson have this in mind?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Stimulus and Lemonade

Suppose I run a lemonade stand. I run it by myself and don’t make a profit due to bad times. My parents decide to help me out by stimulating my business by buying lemonade for the whole neighborhood for a week. Since they don’t have any money to give, they have to borrow it from the bank. They also require that I pay them 25% in taxes for the lemonades sales. Since that order is too much for me to handle by myself, I hire a couple of other kids to help deliver the lemonade. Business is great and neighborhood child unemployment shrinks to zero. I make a profit and have employees. Then the week is over and my parents stimulus order has been spent. Since real demand for my lemonade was never there, I have to fire my employees. The reality that my lemonade business was no good didn’t change just because my parents gave me a stimulus. Additionally, since my parents order was the only one I received, the 25% I pay in taxes is the same as if they just gave 75% of their money away with no return. Their stimulus did nothing more than increase the family debt and recycles unemployment and business closing.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Capital One: The Most Expensive Picture You Will Take

Capital One No Hassle Card has to have some of the most interesting marketing available in the credit industry. For about 2 years, 50% of their television marketing has been focused on the customization of the appearance of the card. This has been a building theme in the credit industry, having a custom card. From Barbie to Bass Pro, from Rolling Stones to cats, you can find any image on a card. The Capital One card is now allowing you to put your own pictures on your card. Having spent 2 years getting out of debt, the notion seems interesting that your average Joe will watch TV and see the commercial and be suddenly inspired to take out a line of slavery, I mean debt, just as long as they can have their picture of themselves holding their prized bass. Since this is so successful, perhaps I should sell 2x3’ plastic photos of people and charge them $200.00 per month over 10 years for them to have the privilege of carrying a card with my logo across their picture. Have we really become so dumb.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Headline Hipocricy

I saw these headlines on Yahoo.

George Tiller Domestic Terrorism Or Is it Domestic Muslim Converts?

The reason why George Tiller's murder is not domestic terrorism is simple. There is no organization recruiting and training people for the purpose of killing abortion doctors. There is, however,a long running program of jihad building in the United States in prisons and mosques. Recently, a ring of 4 prision trained muslims was broken up as they attempted to buy plastic explosives and rockets. Yesterday, an american born muslim convert shot 2 soldiers, killing one, in a Little Rock Arkansas recruiting station. What see in these stories is momentum. There are mall shootings and cars crashing into people that are also part of this movement. My fear is that the tiller killer will get all the press and all the legislation and effort will be spent to avoid a future killing of this nature. Meanwhile, the enemy within will continue to grow its foot soldiers. Acorn by day and terrorist at night.

Comrade Obama's Speech on GM and the Banks.

Brothers and sisters, we are joined together in the great patriotic war against recession. The forces of capitalism have made a grievous error in their assault on the middle classes. Even now as I speak, agents of our great union are dismantling the manufacturing and banking industries and restoring them to the great people of this Union, the righteous owners. The economy is bad and it will only get worse. I am asking you, comrades, to make the sacrifices that will ensure strength and prosperity for you great grandchildren’s children. Plants will close. Dealerships will close. Jobs will be lost. This will all happen in the name of the patriotic war. Those that will lose their jobs will be honored for years to come as heroes of the revolution. Even now as I speak, capitalist forces, under the command of Ford, are attempting to regain market share and increase production. They must be stopped. As your comrade commander, I will stop them cold through regulation and creating an uncompetitive climate by leveraging the appropriated GM brand. During this war, I want to thank our allies in Cuba and Venezuela. Comrade Chavez has been invaluable in providing guidance on how to take over capitalist corporations. And with the help of comrade castro, our automobile industry may rival our fellow patriots in Cuba.
I am proud to report that the Zionist in the banks are being forced out. Secretary Geithner is working tirelessly to rid our great nation of the Zionist plot and control of the economic system. With the help of our brother’s in Iran, the Zionist will trouble us no more.
Finally, this great patriotic war will have no end unless we all unite. There are enemies everywhere. Your neighbors and fellow comrades may be working with the capitalist forces in Russia to undue our work. There may even be members of your own family that have been corrupted. It is your duty to report all suspicious activity and persons. My agents in Acorn will interrogate these agents and discover their network of support to crush this threat. Comrades, this is change we can count on. Can we crush our enemies? Yes we can. Thank you.

The Grand Patriot
Barrack Obama.