Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Capital One: The Most Expensive Picture You Will Take

Capital One No Hassle Card has to have some of the most interesting marketing available in the credit industry. For about 2 years, 50% of their television marketing has been focused on the customization of the appearance of the card. This has been a building theme in the credit industry, having a custom card. From Barbie to Bass Pro, from Rolling Stones to cats, you can find any image on a card. The Capital One card is now allowing you to put your own pictures on your card. Having spent 2 years getting out of debt, the notion seems interesting that your average Joe will watch TV and see the commercial and be suddenly inspired to take out a line of slavery, I mean debt, just as long as they can have their picture of themselves holding their prized bass. Since this is so successful, perhaps I should sell 2x3’ plastic photos of people and charge them $200.00 per month over 10 years for them to have the privilege of carrying a card with my logo across their picture. Have we really become so dumb.


thejotus said...

I chose to go with a standard design on my Cap1 card.

And what is this slavery/debt you speak of? Obama said he was taking care of that.

Kansas Bob said...

I cut up my credit cards when I was young and undisciplined. Pay them off these days and don't incur the interest.. maybe I need to get Nolte's pic on mine :)

Troy said...

You could use a creative image to reduce your use of the card. Handcuffs, a picture of a foreclosed home, or Obama signing something. You'd think twice before using it.

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