Tuesday, June 2, 2009

George Tiller Domestic Terrorism Or Is it Domestic Muslim Converts?

The reason why George Tiller's murder is not domestic terrorism is simple. There is no organization recruiting and training people for the purpose of killing abortion doctors. There is, however,a long running program of jihad building in the United States in prisons and mosques. Recently, a ring of 4 prision trained muslims was broken up as they attempted to buy plastic explosives and rockets. Yesterday, an american born muslim convert shot 2 soldiers, killing one, in a Little Rock Arkansas recruiting station. What see in these stories is momentum. There are mall shootings and cars crashing into people that are also part of this movement. My fear is that the tiller killer will get all the press and all the legislation and effort will be spent to avoid a future killing of this nature. Meanwhile, the enemy within will continue to grow its foot soldiers. Acorn by day and terrorist at night.

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