Friday, June 12, 2009

Grandview's Gestapo Saving Lives by Sign Removal

Do you ever wonder what the Gestapo did in their spare time. Having just witnessed Grandview's Gestapo, I have a good idea. I believe they went around Germany and removed garage sale signs from public easements. In the lovely city of Grandview MO, there is a budget for a neighborhood services truck to drive around town and remove sale signs that are 15 feet or less from the street. What a nobel profession to have. How does a city come about devising such laws. My theory is that some busy body attended the city council hearings and lobbyed to have this ordiance enacted. Meanwhile, the masses of citizens that disagree or could care less hardly even notice the ordinance until it is time for them to put up a sign, only to have it removed and disposed of. Did Jefferson have this in mind?


Anonymous said...

There are some really nutty people with way too much time on their hands, don't you think????


Kansas Bob said...

Just to be safe you should follow all of the rules:


* You may hold four (4) sales at your home per calendar year, no longer than three (3) consecutive days per sale.

* Attaching signs advertising sales to telephone poles, utility poles, or street signs is prohibited.

* Signs are not permitted to be placed in any public right-of-way, which includes the "common area" between the street and sidewalk and in street medians. Typically, public right-of-way extends eleven (11) feet inward from the curb.

* Be sure to acquire permission from the adjacent property owner before putting any signs on private property.

* Items for sale must be placed in the garage or driveway of a residence. Displaying items in the yard is not permitted.

Makes me glad I live in Kansas :)

jrchaard said...

fortunately, my neighbor feels the same as I do about this situation. I have two signs in his yard today.

Anonymous said...

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