Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama's Faith

At what point do we start to wonder if Obama has somehow received the Holy Spirit. His actions toward abortion and his eagerness to share his Muslim upbringing cast doubt to me. His pastor of 20 years is a racist and anti-semite that preached anything but the love of Christ. Remember, this is the church where Obama received his spiritual milk. It is like the parable of the sower. Did Obama willingly receive the word only to have it take root in the rocky pulpit of Jeremiah Wright. If he did receive the Spirit willingly, I think he now uses it, as many politicians do, to subdue evangelicals. Ultimately, God will be the judge. In the meantime, I'm not going to be telling my kids, "see kids what a Christian can do".


Kansas Bob said...

I hear what you are saying Scott.. just not sure a man's politics is an accurate way to judge a man's faith. Many Christians embrace a more liberal approach to faith and politics.. I may not like their politics or even the way that they worship but I do not feel comfortable blasting their faith and questioning their Christianity.

Prez Bush was an Episcopalian/Methodist but few people ever judged his faith because of his membership in more liberal churches because they agreed with his politics.. gotta wonder why.

I think that faith is an issue of the heart and how it manifests is many times is related to the people in your community and your life experiences.. so faith for folks in urban Chicago may look different than faith in suburban Chicago.

You might want to check this video, or others like it, out.

All that said I think that it is a good thing to call a prez out on the issues. I certainly do not like the economic policies of either of our last presidents.. I do not like Obama's pro-choice position.. I do not think that we are headed in the right direction.. but I think that it is more of an issue around ideology than faith.

I had supper last week with a Christian who told me that she thought that Obama is a Muslim.. I could have called her a racist but held my tongue.. she is just biasedly ignorant.. not a racist.

I fear that I have rambled a bit too long.. doubt that we will be in agreement on this one.. but that is okay.. I still like you :)

jrchaard said...

I'm disappointed by many in office that act differently than faith would dictate. Remember what we talked about with Sam Brownback. I can never take him at face value. I really don't want to sit and judge on christianity, but I won't frame the man as a christian, but some sort of secular entity. We aren't judged on our acts, except our act to accept Christ, but our lives should reflect Christ in us and I don't see that in Obama. I saw it more in Bush if we make such a comparison. Even today, obama is going to extend benefits to same sex partners. Based on Obama's actions, it is like saying that I am a Royal's fan, but not going to games and rooting for the other team.

Kansas Bob said...

I take no issue in not framing any man as a christian.. my issue is more in framing them as non-christian when they themselves give testimony of a salvation experience.

Just today I got another email saying that Obama is a Muslim.. don't know what good that does.. just gives people on the left a way to dismiss these folks as ignorant.

For me the high road is taking issue with the man's ideology rather than his faith.. I mean really.. who knows a man's heart.. and even Jesus spoke of people who look alive on the outside but inwardly are dead.

You do bring up a valid point though - how many Royals games have you been to this year?

jrchaard said...

Only one. but you gotta love these guys