Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama's Birth Certificate Valid: Why Not Show It?

So the state of Hawaii again validates Obama's birth certificate. They are so adamant that it is real, why does Obama not provide a copy. The full copy. It could end all debate so easily, why not do it? The answer to this question is what people are really after. I believe a President should be totally transparent. We demanded all of Bush's Air Guard records on speculation, what is the difference. I want to see his college transcripts and his birth certificate. Is this so much to ask

Friday, July 24, 2009

AIDS and Obamacare

Recently, President Obama said that when a person gets to be too old, it is better that they take a pain pill than receive life extending care. I assume the premise of this statement is that at such an age, death is so close, it isn't worth the investment. This is the scariest thing about his plan, and I'm 32. If a government agency is in charge of determining life and death based on age, where does it stop. Do they do it subjectively or objectively. Is it anyone over 80 is not eligible for invasive care? Will we all reach 80 and go to "carousel" like they did in Logan's run. As it becomes more expensive, do we lower the age to 70, 60, 50.
Now, let's apply this logic to a liberal sweet spot, AIDS. Since there is absolutely no cure for AIDS and having the disease is a death sentence, shouldn't the same logic be applied to AIDS patients as is being applied to seniors? Why treat some cancers? Obama is not about curing the health system. He will use it to control our lives. For such a man as he has demonstrated himself to be through his support of late term abortion, he will push a policy of death for the unborn and seniors, while lavishing care on his support base. Will they have to change the doctors oath to promise care only when it is affordable? Will they also have to promise to take lives when ordered?

Today on Rush limbaugh update, he echoed my Logan's Run comment
"Rahm Emanuel's brother is Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel. He is going to be a central figure in Obamacare should it become law, and he has written essentially that it is a waste of money to invest health care in the elderly. This is not America. This is Soylent Green. It's Logan's Run." - Rush

Obama 'Stupidly' Naked

For the millions of Americans that already knew, we welcome those of you, who may just now be beginning to see Obama for who he is, to the party. This man is a marxist race baiting community activist. The only difference between Obama and Al Sharpton is a blow horn. For our Chief Executive, the chief law enforcement officer, to simply call the arrest of a black man by a white cop stupid without knowing a single fact is the purest glimpse into the heart of Obama.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do you trust your dog?

I don't trust any dog. Fortunately, my dog is so small that the impact she would have if she went crazy is minimized. The same can't be said for the killers that people breed and raise. I love babies and I hate dogs, that's why a story like this works on two fronts for me. Do you think the parents ever suspected that their dog would try to eat their 4 day old.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Remember Who Our Enemy Is-lam Extremists

Just in case you forgot what Islamic extremism is and why we would want to prevent its spread both here and abroad, here is a story that will make you sick. What is the most telling about this story is not the brutality of rape and execution of young ladies, but the fact that such a regime has enough teenage female death row inmates that they have a policy whereby a single guard has the opportunity to enact prima nachte on multiple woman before killing them. This is what Obama wants to reach his hand out to. I wonder if he thinks of his daughters when reading such a story.

Monday, July 20, 2009

What's the Surprise About the 23.7 Trillion in TARP

I wasn't the least bit surprised to see that the 700 billion TARP money will balloon into 23.7 Trillion down the road. The only thing that surprises me is that anyone, especially the media, would be surprised. I think the real opportunity is to seize this opportunity and narrow down those that are registered to vote. Any person that is surprised by the 23.7 trillion has demonstrated gross negligence in judgement and should not be allowed to vote or participate in government. I imagine policy that would follow the elections where these people are excluded would be quite good.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Food for Thought for War On Terror Veterans

Periodically, I conduct phone screening interviews at work. The interview consists of asking behavioral questions. One of those questions is "have you ever had to deliver a tough message to a peer." Most of the people I interview are just out of college. The typical response is "well, I'm treasurer of my sorority and we ran out of money, so I had to tell my sisters that we wouldn't be able to have pink streamers for the spring fling."
So I was thinking about the world of a veteran. I have not had to interview a veteran of any kind. I imagine their response might be quite different "One of my team died from an IED. I had to go back after patrol and tell the rest of the squad. Then I called his wife because I promised I would deliver the message myself. I then prepared a letter and sent his stuff back for his wife and son."
I think that contrast just puts things into perspective for me. God bless our troops

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Assisted Suicide to Make Euthanasia More Humane

Sorry, but there is no such thing. A British conductor and his wife decided to kill themselves rather than face blindness and cancer respectively. How many people do you know have become either deaf, blind, or contracted cancer. The only thing I read in this story is that they life this man has become accustomed to is crashing and rather than face the new challenge, he kills himself and somehow convinces his wife to do the same. This couple is being called brave. I don't get how choosing death over life with adversity is brave. It is like taking the chicken exit at a rollercoaster. You don't call somebody brave for walking up to the ride, rather it is brave to ride the ride.
When we call people brave for killig themselves because of a loss of quality of life, when will we start calling people brave for killing other people that weren't "brave" enough to make the decision. Perhaps we should ask some Germans circa 1930's.

Contrived Controversy: Cheney Targets Al Qaeda

Everytime I see this headline or see the story on TV, I just can't believe what I am hearing. Are the American people really up in arms because Dick Cheney may have had a plan to assassinate Al Qaeda's leadership. ISN'T THIS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE WAR. These stories are framed in such a way that you would think the President of France was the target. Isn't it perfectly legal to kill terrorists and their leadership. This all came to light because CIA head Leon Panetta axed the plan and let Congress know what was going on. I mean, I can't believe I am even spending time on this story because it is crazy that anyone would do anything but get upset at Panetta for cancelling the plan. It is like Panetta narrowly saved an orphanage or something. Do you realize that the way this is being reported is to say that Cheney and the Bush Administration are more of a threat than Al Qaeda and that Obama is protecting these terorrists. I don't even like to blog any more because this is how things are going in every aspect of our lives, Obama doing things that defy logic while the media redefines up from down.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Obama: Redefining Failure and Truth: Star Trek 2 Parody

To take Obama at his cryptic word, he is very honest. "The stimulus is working as intended". I don't believe he is wrong or insincere when he makes this statement. The key is to omit things from the sentence, such as what the intention is. I believe the intention all along, as stated many times in the blog, was to use the financial crisis to grab as much power as possible. I call it the Khan Maneuver. In Star Trek 2, Khan took control of the USS Reliant. In Obama’s case, he took over the government. The Enterprise and crew represent the American people, the same people Obama holds in contempt just as Khan holds Kirk in contempt. Kirk represents the American person that should know better than to disregard logic and regulations while the conservative Spock just has to sit and watch his captain steer the ship into a trap. Saavik told Kirk, “on the approach of any vessel when communications have not been established…” Kirk ignored the warnings by only declaring a yellow alert. So many moderates ignored the warnings of Obama.
“They still haven’t raised their shields”. Says Khan’s first officer. “Of course, we are one big happy fleet (country). Ah Kirk (American People) my old friend. Do you know the klingon (Russian) proverb that tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold. It is very cold in space (recession)” As Obama comes up on us ready to give us a full broad side of socialism, we sit and watch. Spock(conservative) tells Kirk(american people) that the Reliant(obama) is locking phasers on target(stimulus, cap and trade, healthcare). Kirk(American People) says to raise shields, but it is too late. The Enterprise takes on crippling damage. Kirk(American people) can’t believe the reliant(Obama) would target them. He asks Spock (conservatives) for a damage report. Spock (conservatives) takes Kirk (American people) to a screen and shows him the damage. “They knew exactly where to get us (pocket books and liberty)”.
The question we have to ask ourselves is whether we will accept the terms of surrender and hand over genesis (our faith) or will we disable his shields( the media) and damage his warp drive (his ability to push things through). Spock(conservatives) may end up having to sacrifice themselves thus being shot through a tube onto Genesis(heaven)

Very Sad Story: Couple Gunned Down

I don't usually ask the question about why would God let something happen to good people, and I'm not really asking that question here. I am just perplexed by the senselessness of some people and total lack of respect for life. A couple raising 12 adopted disabled children was gunned down in their home by a well orchestrated crime ring. I am hoping for the maximum sentence here. Please pray for the children.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Economic Illogical Statement

I like to deal in logic, IF/Then statements. I'm trying to wrap my head around Obama's current approach to fix the economy. His statement is IF the economy is doing badly THEN increase government spending. The conclusion then is that IF some government spending helps then economy THEN more government spending will help the economy more. And IF government spending is good for the economy some of the time THEN government spending is good for the economy all of the time. IF government spending is good for the economy all of the time, why do we not have it codified in our Constitution. It could be a new ammendment that reads, "The government, by obligation set forth in this ammendment, shall spend from the treasury, both real and unreal monies, to provide permanent stimulus to the economy, both foreign and domestic. The United State Department of Treasury is hereby bestowed full power and autonomy to enact economic stimulus measures that are necessary and proper to fulfill the obligations of spending real and unreal monies for the purpose of stimulus."
If this logic was true, wouldn't cuba be the richest country in the world. Every person in this country knows that his isn't true, that is why we don't do it. The most frustrating part about all of Obama's crap is how many people are willing to forget logic and support what they know won't benefit the country in the long run. It is just plain selfishness if you ask me. The same generations of people that have put their life on credit for the instant gratification now hope that the government can bail them out long enough that they might die before the *&!@ hits the fan.

Pitbull Owner feels the Sting of the Bite

There are two good parts about this pit bull story. #1, it was the owner that was attacked. #2, the pit bulls were put down. One of them was shot and the other one was euthanized.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pets. When Will People Learn: Snake Kills Toddler

I'm starting to think that pets run amuk is now dominating my blog. I read this article and was sickened and saddened. There are so many things wrong here, the snake, the cage with no lock, the snake with no permit, the mother living with her boyfriend. How many child abuse or death stories do you read that include this comment, "the mother and her child were living with her boyfriend at the time."