Friday, July 24, 2009

AIDS and Obamacare

Recently, President Obama said that when a person gets to be too old, it is better that they take a pain pill than receive life extending care. I assume the premise of this statement is that at such an age, death is so close, it isn't worth the investment. This is the scariest thing about his plan, and I'm 32. If a government agency is in charge of determining life and death based on age, where does it stop. Do they do it subjectively or objectively. Is it anyone over 80 is not eligible for invasive care? Will we all reach 80 and go to "carousel" like they did in Logan's run. As it becomes more expensive, do we lower the age to 70, 60, 50.
Now, let's apply this logic to a liberal sweet spot, AIDS. Since there is absolutely no cure for AIDS and having the disease is a death sentence, shouldn't the same logic be applied to AIDS patients as is being applied to seniors? Why treat some cancers? Obama is not about curing the health system. He will use it to control our lives. For such a man as he has demonstrated himself to be through his support of late term abortion, he will push a policy of death for the unborn and seniors, while lavishing care on his support base. Will they have to change the doctors oath to promise care only when it is affordable? Will they also have to promise to take lives when ordered?

Today on Rush limbaugh update, he echoed my Logan's Run comment
"Rahm Emanuel's brother is Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel. He is going to be a central figure in Obamacare should it become law, and he has written essentially that it is a waste of money to invest health care in the elderly. This is not America. This is Soylent Green. It's Logan's Run." - Rush


Kansas Bob said...

Logan's run.. I need to find that one on Netflix and watch it again.. maybe it is available to stream.. or maybe El Rushbo can loan me his copy :)

jrchaard said...

I've seen it at least a dozen times. Last time I watched it was this winter on Netflix instant view.