Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Contrived Controversy: Cheney Targets Al Qaeda

Everytime I see this headline or see the story on TV, I just can't believe what I am hearing. Are the American people really up in arms because Dick Cheney may have had a plan to assassinate Al Qaeda's leadership. ISN'T THIS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE WAR. These stories are framed in such a way that you would think the President of France was the target. Isn't it perfectly legal to kill terrorists and their leadership. This all came to light because CIA head Leon Panetta axed the plan and let Congress know what was going on. I mean, I can't believe I am even spending time on this story because it is crazy that anyone would do anything but get upset at Panetta for cancelling the plan. It is like Panetta narrowly saved an orphanage or something. Do you realize that the way this is being reported is to say that Cheney and the Bush Administration are more of a threat than Al Qaeda and that Obama is protecting these terorrists. I don't even like to blog any more because this is how things are going in every aspect of our lives, Obama doing things that defy logic while the media redefines up from down.


Kansas Bob said...

This story is getting weird. It is like folks don't understand the mission of the CIA.

jrchaard said...

Everything from the economy to the CIA is weird, but only if you think things through intelligently. When I put all of this through the filter that nothing that they are doing should be taken at face value, it all makes sense.

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