Thursday, July 9, 2009

Economic Illogical Statement

I like to deal in logic, IF/Then statements. I'm trying to wrap my head around Obama's current approach to fix the economy. His statement is IF the economy is doing badly THEN increase government spending. The conclusion then is that IF some government spending helps then economy THEN more government spending will help the economy more. And IF government spending is good for the economy some of the time THEN government spending is good for the economy all of the time. IF government spending is good for the economy all of the time, why do we not have it codified in our Constitution. It could be a new ammendment that reads, "The government, by obligation set forth in this ammendment, shall spend from the treasury, both real and unreal monies, to provide permanent stimulus to the economy, both foreign and domestic. The United State Department of Treasury is hereby bestowed full power and autonomy to enact economic stimulus measures that are necessary and proper to fulfill the obligations of spending real and unreal monies for the purpose of stimulus."
If this logic was true, wouldn't cuba be the richest country in the world. Every person in this country knows that his isn't true, that is why we don't do it. The most frustrating part about all of Obama's crap is how many people are willing to forget logic and support what they know won't benefit the country in the long run. It is just plain selfishness if you ask me. The same generations of people that have put their life on credit for the instant gratification now hope that the government can bail them out long enough that they might die before the *&!@ hits the fan.


Kansas Bob said...

IF/Then statements? You are taking your new job way too seriously :)

PS: Nothing in your blog directory.

jrchaard said...

I've been writing if/then statements for 6 years in visual Basic, that's how I got the job. I'll get it linked now.

Anne said...

Why doesn't anyone talk about this in a big way? Why is everyone pretending that this is going to work? Makes me nauseous.

Anonymous said...

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