Friday, July 17, 2009

Food for Thought for War On Terror Veterans

Periodically, I conduct phone screening interviews at work. The interview consists of asking behavioral questions. One of those questions is "have you ever had to deliver a tough message to a peer." Most of the people I interview are just out of college. The typical response is "well, I'm treasurer of my sorority and we ran out of money, so I had to tell my sisters that we wouldn't be able to have pink streamers for the spring fling."
So I was thinking about the world of a veteran. I have not had to interview a veteran of any kind. I imagine their response might be quite different "One of my team died from an IED. I had to go back after patrol and tell the rest of the squad. Then I called his wife because I promised I would deliver the message myself. I then prepared a letter and sent his stuff back for his wife and son."
I think that contrast just puts things into perspective for me. God bless our troops

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Kansas Bob said...

There may be a combat veteran around on Monday night if you want to interview him :)