Monday, July 13, 2009

Obama: Redefining Failure and Truth: Star Trek 2 Parody

To take Obama at his cryptic word, he is very honest. "The stimulus is working as intended". I don't believe he is wrong or insincere when he makes this statement. The key is to omit things from the sentence, such as what the intention is. I believe the intention all along, as stated many times in the blog, was to use the financial crisis to grab as much power as possible. I call it the Khan Maneuver. In Star Trek 2, Khan took control of the USS Reliant. In Obama’s case, he took over the government. The Enterprise and crew represent the American people, the same people Obama holds in contempt just as Khan holds Kirk in contempt. Kirk represents the American person that should know better than to disregard logic and regulations while the conservative Spock just has to sit and watch his captain steer the ship into a trap. Saavik told Kirk, “on the approach of any vessel when communications have not been established…” Kirk ignored the warnings by only declaring a yellow alert. So many moderates ignored the warnings of Obama.
“They still haven’t raised their shields”. Says Khan’s first officer. “Of course, we are one big happy fleet (country). Ah Kirk (American People) my old friend. Do you know the klingon (Russian) proverb that tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold. It is very cold in space (recession)” As Obama comes up on us ready to give us a full broad side of socialism, we sit and watch. Spock(conservative) tells Kirk(american people) that the Reliant(obama) is locking phasers on target(stimulus, cap and trade, healthcare). Kirk(American People) says to raise shields, but it is too late. The Enterprise takes on crippling damage. Kirk(American people) can’t believe the reliant(Obama) would target them. He asks Spock (conservatives) for a damage report. Spock (conservatives) takes Kirk (American people) to a screen and shows him the damage. “They knew exactly where to get us (pocket books and liberty)”.
The question we have to ask ourselves is whether we will accept the terms of surrender and hand over genesis (our faith) or will we disable his shields( the media) and damage his warp drive (his ability to push things through). Spock(conservatives) may end up having to sacrifice themselves thus being shot through a tube onto Genesis(heaven)


Kansas Bob said...

"So many moderates ignored the warnings of Obama."

Did they ignore the warnings or were they terrified of this crazy captain?

jrchaard said...

The link didn't work, but if it was McCain, I was scared of him too.