Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama's Birth Certificate Valid: Why Not Show It?

So the state of Hawaii again validates Obama's birth certificate. They are so adamant that it is real, why does Obama not provide a copy. The full copy. It could end all debate so easily, why not do it? The answer to this question is what people are really after. I believe a President should be totally transparent. We demanded all of Bush's Air Guard records on speculation, what is the difference. I want to see his college transcripts and his birth certificate. Is this so much to ask


Anonymous said...

Here’s Obama’s dilemma in a nutshell (READ VERY CAREFULLY AND DIGEST):

If BHO shows his original long form birth certificate, indeed showing he was born in Hawaii, it will also show his father was American citizen, Frank Marshall Davis, not the Kenyan/British citizen, Barack Obama Sr. While that would allow Barack Jr. to be POTUS eligible as BOTH a “citizen”/“native born citizen” AND an Article 2 “natural born citizen” — that is, born to two American citizens on American soil — it would simultaneously show he is a fraud hiding his real father — an unacceptable political debacle.

If, on the other hand, BHO keeps hiding his original long form birth certificate — while simply repeating, without showing, he was born in Hawaii — he can still CLAIM BOTH he was born in Hawaii AND his father was the Kenyan/British Barack Obama Sr. This would enable Barack Jr. to claim he’s a “citizen”/“native born citizen” but it would mean (if a federal court would ever get around to declaring and thus far no one has standing to bring the suit) that he’s NOT an Article 2 “natural born citizen” and thus not eligible to be POTUS — a legal/constitutional debacle since all acts under an illegal POTUS are void.

So it seems, BHO has elected option one until forced to go option two because for now it looks like no federal court will ever find a plaintiff with standing. (Of course, there’s the additional issue of BHO losing American citizen status if/when he became an Indonesian citizen — that is, IF he returned and was naturalized he would be a legal citizen, but would lose both native and natural born status, and, IF he returned and was not naturalized, he would be an illegal immigrant unlawfully in this country — but we’ll leave that for another day.)

Kansas Bob said...

I know that you just wanted me to give you this link..


..so you could tell me (and the Republican Governor of Hawaii) that they don't prove anything. Just trying to make you happy :)

And you know that we never really landed on the moon.

jrchaard said...

I agree with the annonymous post. A news paper article and a claim from a "Republican" governor of a liberal state is not enough. Show the long form.

Anonymous said...

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