Friday, August 28, 2009

Pit Bull Attacks: 3 Day Old Killed by Family Pitbull

Since I hate large killer dogs, epitomized by the pit bull, it seems ironic that so much of my traffice comes to my blog related to a few posts I have done about the beasts. So many people miss my point about why I hate these dogs. I do believe that the breed may have a higher likelihood of being vicious, but I also believ that a pit bull can be as harmless as a house cat. However, if the dog, whether tame or not, becomes angry and agitated, the danger of serious injury is amplified by the power and ferocity of the dogs bite, a bit more powerful than a sharks. Here are a few stories that make my point. These are all news stories from just the last couple of days.

Here is the story that makes my point. A 3 day old baby was killed by a pitbull while the mother stepped away for a minute to answer the phone. I don't think this woman suspected her precious dog would kill the much more precious life of her newborn. This just breaks my heart.

4 year old girl's life forever changed

5 year old boy escapes with his life. These dogs must love kids.

Pitbull attacks dachshunds for appetizers, then turns on man.

Here are all the stories about Lhasa Apso attacks.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Obama's America: The Censorship Has Began

The censorship has begun. You think these are small steps taken by independent news organizations at a time that seems coincidental. CNN and other networks have banned conservative talk show hosts. Many industries have cut advertisement on shows such as Glenn Beck’s. We have been so focused on an overt attempt to curb conservative speech through legislation like the Fairness Doctrine that we are ignoring the back room arm twisting that is making censorship a reality in our lifetimes. Ask yourself, have any of these networks ever banned liberal talking heads, such as Al Sharpton or James Carville. Just because they don’t have the audience that conservative radio, why should they not be subject to the same scrutiny and bans. Each network is jockeying to become the “State” broadcasting agency of the future. Remember ABC doing the 1 hour infomercial for Obama’s health plan. Remember NBC’s primetime special on the Camelot of our new administration. Each and every week that goes by, I see the steady movement toward a dictatorship as seen in Nazi Germany. I remember similar predictions during the Clinton administration, but the difference is that the Clintons look like Winston Churchill when compared to Obama.
This weekend, I watched the movie Valkerie. Aside from the controversy surrounding Tom Cruise, the movie was pretty good. The plot is about how regular men and regular army officers did not want to see their country become Hitler’s Germany. They did not want the concentration camps or to see all of Europe in shambles. They saw the writing on the wall. They decided to take action to end Hitler’s administration. Unfortunately, their plan did not work, and millions more lost their lives. I saw many parallels to today and had hope that even in the darkest times, there are still individuals that act out of principle. Are we seeing America become Obama’s America. Will the American people take action at the ballot boxes to take away democrat power in 2010. Will they continue and deny Obama a second term. What will the cost be if we don’t’ act.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Definition of Conservative Radio Stretched

Apparently, the media had dubbed a radio talk show as a conservative. The same talk show host that supports abortion and edorsed Obama last year according this artile. Couple of things here, I don't know if you can be conservative and endorse the most liberal president in our history. And it isn't a normal conservative view to support abortion, but if this is the smoke in mirrors job Obama has to do, it smells of desparation.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What is Healthcare Reform About and How to Get it Passed

Let’s face it, those supporting the government take over of healthcare are merely looking to get their healthcare, regardless of quality, for free. That is to say that since we have a majority of Americans that do not pay federal taxes, they see this as the opportunity to get something for nothing. Obama sees it as a chance for power. Outside of these two reasons, the debate should end. You can’t rationalize the government take over of any part of anything and say that there will be savings and efficiencies. That has to be the only explanation. There is no government program that is run well. Medicare and social security are bankrupt. Which buildings are always the most decrepit? Government buildings, especially schools. The reason this is blowing up in the face of the democrats is that they are trying to sell it to the people based on intellectual merit, for which there is none. If they go back to the give the “people” a car, a home, a meal, cable, and healthcare platform as they did during the election, they might get it done. All Obama has to say is that he will pass government funded healthcare and only tax the rich.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cash for Clunkers Trickle Down Consequences

The United States will spend 3 billion dollars on the cash for clunkers program. What that really means is that the government will be transfering tax payer money, as well as future debt since we run a deficit, to the car companies and dealerships. Let's break down all the negatives.
1. This is a transfer of wealth to the auto industry. The market is not driving this growth, nor can it sustain this growth.
2. This transfer of US money goes to any auto manufacturer. Now, I'm not a protectionist, but the idea of spending "stimulus" money on imports is a bit crazy.
3. Along with increasing our national debt, individual debt is going to increase. Most people buy cars financed. Since you are incenting people that have "clunkers", which I'm sure are paid for, to exchange them for new cars with debt, you have added net new consumer debt, which is a large part of our problem to begin with. They should have made a provision that you had to buy the car cash, but that wouldn't have helped their banker friends.
4. The supply of used vehicles will decrease, causing the price to increase. Since the dealerships are required to scrap these cars, they are taken out of the supply. In a time of economic hardship, buying a used vehicle is a great way to avoid debt. A decreased supply will force more people to finance a purchase.

Subjective Reporting Put out As Fact: If Obama says so than it is so

On the front page of yahoo, it had a headline that said where the source of the "false" rumor of death panels came from. Now, I don't know how false it was since I heard one senator say yesterday that they were going to remove the provision. Now, not only does this reporter flat out say it is a rumor for no other reason than obama says, they then also state as fact that the allegations of Obama's muslim faith and nationality are false. Again, since real records, including his harvard records and full birth certificate, have not been released, we only have His word to go on. It really does fit into his messiah complex. Only a god could redefine reality and tell you it is fact based only on the faith of his word. I do not believe this man is God.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What's Wrong With RealDVD?

A product that would allow you to create a digital copy of a movie that you legally own sounds like a great idea. The ability exists to create a duplicate copy of a VHS tape. What is the difference. In both circumstances, you are duplicating intellectual property. As we move further down the digital road, it is ever more important to have the ability to take a movie and put it on a Zune or Ipod or computer. I say that time is now.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama Defends Healthcare: 1st Casualty Grandma

Today, Obama defended his healthcare plan. When asked to defend provisions that would end care for the elderly, Obama said two things that very clearly articulate for me where Obama stands spiritually as well as his position on life. First, somebody asked about whether a person’s will to live matters. Obama’s response was that spiritual matters will not be factored in. Apparently, Obama has now set aside the first amendment entirely. Your Christian convictions will not factor into your health. Later, on the hot topic of elderly care, he went on to say that it might be better to take a pain pill than to provide life saving care. Just in case you haven’t seen a person pass away in a hospital, a pain pill is how one is eased into death. For Obama, pain pill is a code word for euthanize. Now I know why drug companies support Obamacare. The stand to benefit from providing pain pills instead of surgeries. This has to be the most shocking thing I have ever heard any leader in this country take seriously. Usually this kind of extremism is reserved for the fringe of the parties, but what did anyone expect when they elected one of these to the white house.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Joe The Plumber Tactic Unleashed on All People

I have been listening to conservative radio talk about the attacks of the White House against the regular citizens that are protesting against Obamacare. The common theme is that they can't believe Obama would go against regular citizens and that they have never seen anything like this. Apparently, they have forgetten "Joe The Plumber". Remember in the election, this common man, just playing catch with his son, confronted Obama on how his policies will affect small businesses. What followed was a coordinated effort by Obama to destroy a regular citizen for confronting him. What the Obama administration is doing is just expanding on their Joe the Plumber tactic.
What legacy will Obama have. A man that attacks regular citizens. A man that asks people to tell on their neighbors if they disagree with Obama. A man that asks union thugs to combat the grassroots conservatives at town hall meetings.

From Tea Parties to Concord and Lexington:Town Hall Meeting Shut Out Opposition

I dread the Obama administration. They have a single minded purpose, power. For their first 7 months in office, they have been extremely successful in acquiring that power. As Obama pushes his most ambitious program yet, there has been a growing tide of "enough". I, like so many others, have seen and heard the encounters of ordinary citizens challenging the administration officials and Democrat representatives at Town Hall events. Slowly, I have become more encouraged. I have felt for such a long time that this country really does want socialism, as demonstrated by the election of Obama. Obama, in turn, has governed as if he has the mandate to socialize this country.
Earlier in the year, we had tea parties, as happened before the revolution. Now, with a near riot taking place at a town hall, I feel the the pot has boiled over. People are done with this power grab and they are starting to fight against this "tyranny". The administration approach to paint the opposition to socialized medicine as an organized attack created by insurance and drug companies will backfire.
During the election, a conservative strategist said that it would be better to vote for Obama than for McCain to drag down conservatism further. A dose of a true liberal would remind this nation that we don't like socialism. I agreed with the premise, but was to scared to embrace it. In the end, this person may prove correct.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cash for Clunkers A Sham

What is Cash for Clunkers. It is a sham of a program and everyone has bought into it. Essentially, it is a transfer of 1 billion, with 2 billion more in the works, of taxpayer money into the auto industries pockets. It is wealth redistribution. It is the government causing the consumer to act in a way that they wouldn’t have otherwise acted if solely using market forces. Additionally, not only is this creating more debt for our nation, it is creating more consumer debt. The vast majority of new cars are purchased on credit. With the introduction of this program, many people feel incented to take on debt they didn’t have because their “clunker” was likely paid off. The goal of this administration is power. When you are a slave to debt, the lender has the power. With the stimulus program, the banks and government are one. Is trading in a paid off car worth getting to be the chauffer of a high MPG car with government in the back seat.