Friday, August 7, 2009

From Tea Parties to Concord and Lexington:Town Hall Meeting Shut Out Opposition

I dread the Obama administration. They have a single minded purpose, power. For their first 7 months in office, they have been extremely successful in acquiring that power. As Obama pushes his most ambitious program yet, there has been a growing tide of "enough". I, like so many others, have seen and heard the encounters of ordinary citizens challenging the administration officials and Democrat representatives at Town Hall events. Slowly, I have become more encouraged. I have felt for such a long time that this country really does want socialism, as demonstrated by the election of Obama. Obama, in turn, has governed as if he has the mandate to socialize this country.
Earlier in the year, we had tea parties, as happened before the revolution. Now, with a near riot taking place at a town hall, I feel the the pot has boiled over. People are done with this power grab and they are starting to fight against this "tyranny". The administration approach to paint the opposition to socialized medicine as an organized attack created by insurance and drug companies will backfire.
During the election, a conservative strategist said that it would be better to vote for Obama than for McCain to drag down conservatism further. A dose of a true liberal would remind this nation that we don't like socialism. I agreed with the premise, but was to scared to embrace it. In the end, this person may prove correct.


Kansas Bob said...

Saw that on TV this morning.. people are getting angry.. maybe they will eventually be heard?

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