Friday, August 7, 2009

Joe The Plumber Tactic Unleashed on All People

I have been listening to conservative radio talk about the attacks of the White House against the regular citizens that are protesting against Obamacare. The common theme is that they can't believe Obama would go against regular citizens and that they have never seen anything like this. Apparently, they have forgetten "Joe The Plumber". Remember in the election, this common man, just playing catch with his son, confronted Obama on how his policies will affect small businesses. What followed was a coordinated effort by Obama to destroy a regular citizen for confronting him. What the Obama administration is doing is just expanding on their Joe the Plumber tactic.
What legacy will Obama have. A man that attacks regular citizens. A man that asks people to tell on their neighbors if they disagree with Obama. A man that asks union thugs to combat the grassroots conservatives at town hall meetings.

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