Friday, August 28, 2009

Pit Bull Attacks: 3 Day Old Killed by Family Pitbull

Since I hate large killer dogs, epitomized by the pit bull, it seems ironic that so much of my traffice comes to my blog related to a few posts I have done about the beasts. So many people miss my point about why I hate these dogs. I do believe that the breed may have a higher likelihood of being vicious, but I also believ that a pit bull can be as harmless as a house cat. However, if the dog, whether tame or not, becomes angry and agitated, the danger of serious injury is amplified by the power and ferocity of the dogs bite, a bit more powerful than a sharks. Here are a few stories that make my point. These are all news stories from just the last couple of days.

Here is the story that makes my point. A 3 day old baby was killed by a pitbull while the mother stepped away for a minute to answer the phone. I don't think this woman suspected her precious dog would kill the much more precious life of her newborn. This just breaks my heart.

4 year old girl's life forever changed

5 year old boy escapes with his life. These dogs must love kids.

Pitbull attacks dachshunds for appetizers, then turns on man.

Here are all the stories about Lhasa Apso attacks.

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