Friday, August 14, 2009

Subjective Reporting Put out As Fact: If Obama says so than it is so

On the front page of yahoo, it had a headline that said where the source of the "false" rumor of death panels came from. Now, I don't know how false it was since I heard one senator say yesterday that they were going to remove the provision. Now, not only does this reporter flat out say it is a rumor for no other reason than obama says, they then also state as fact that the allegations of Obama's muslim faith and nationality are false. Again, since real records, including his harvard records and full birth certificate, have not been released, we only have His word to go on. It really does fit into his messiah complex. Only a god could redefine reality and tell you it is fact based only on the faith of his word. I do not believe this man is God.

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