Monday, September 28, 2009

Zune HD fall short of the I-touch

In an attempt to compete with the Apple I-touch, Microsoft has released the touch screen Zune HD. I liken it to a pinto competing with a Porsche. This is especially sad for me as I am a Zune owner and had high hopes and anticipation for the new Zune HD. Reading specs online did nothing for giving the full grasp of what this product would really be like. When I went to walmart on the 15th of September to see the actual model, I was crushed. For the vast majority of people that don’t have a zune, imagine the Nano being made into a flat touch screen. Then, try to imagine using that limited real estate to view videos and web pages. Chances are, if you wanted a device for web browsing and videos, you would have chosen the i-touch. Being a Zune owner, I already had an inferiority complex. The Zune HD was Zune’s chance to show that they could match or exceed an apple product. Sadly, we were let down. I will be pinching my pennies now so that I can afford the 32 or 64 touch and leave my beloved Zune behind.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obama Youth Taught New Anthem

For any naysayer that doubted the intent of indoctrination when Obama spoke to the public schools,
we now have video of young elementary school children being taught to sing Obama praises
. These children are too young to discern such indoctrination. This goes beyond outrage for me. I am saddened for these kids and families, sweet innocent children not knowing that they are being brain-washed. Is this what you send your kids to school for. Is this what your tax money is supposed to fund. This is seriously getting more and more frightening and the complacency of the media is the worst. These are interestig times.

Obama's Address to the UN: US a Nation of Shame.

Obama’s address to the UN yesterday was an embarrassment to our nation. The only thing Obama didn't blame the United States for was death by natural causes, but I think that was only because he ran out of time. Instead of projecting the United States as a nation of power, freedom, and opportunity, we were cast as the global villain. This is nothing new when it comes to the UN. To most of the nations, we are the villain. What was different is that with Obama as our leader, we agreed with these nations and apologized for being too great. Once again, even though I know this man is a fascist crackpot, I still can’t believe he that he would tear down our country to such a wide audience. When a person puts down their “team”, it is usually because they want to join another team. During the election, when Obama wouldn’t wear a lapel pin, it became an issue that was put down as making too much out of nothing. This simple act was our first and biggest clue to the shame this man feels for his nation. The nation ignored it, and now we have Obama apologizing to Quadafi. When the leader of Libya thinks you are a good president, we know we are in trouble. Obama’s speech was an appeal to the nations of the world for his own popularity at the cost of our nations dignity. He didn’t try to make our country popular, he tried to make himself more popular and he succeeded. Who is Obama appealing to for popularity? With a few exceptions, most nations of the world are run by third world dictators. This is the crowd Obama wants to run in. It is like the smart kid in school with all the promise of a bright future, throwing it all away to hang out with the drop outs. All I can say is that we only have 3 years 3 months left of this one term wanna be dictator.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama Newspeak

War is Peace, slavery is freedom, ignorance is truth... and now tax is keep. If I were watching an episode of the simpsons, the orwellian satire of the Obama administration would be enough to keep me in stitches. Unfortunately for the nation, Obama is not a satire, but our real president. While he scolds the media for misreporting his healthcare reform bill, he engages in his new form of newspeak. First came his lie that the bill didn't cover illegals when it did. Now, when he tells the public via his round of big brother interviews that there is no tax involved in his plan, it comes out that the baucus bill includes explicit tax language. This is nothing surprising if you really start to understand that this man really walks the big brother walk. It is no longer funny. He flat out lies to you and then scolds you for doubting him. The other brewing newspeak is defeat is victory. He will play that one out with the war in afghanistan. How will this play out. Our teacher's have aleady been laying the ground work for believing two plus two is five through outcome based education. Will this all end as the opposition faces their room 101. Will I too end up loving big brother.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama's New Missile Defense Shield: Duck and Cover

President Obama, in a move not to make those that would launch missiles against mad at us, has scrapped the missile defense shield implemented by President Bush. In its place, Obama will put into a place a much more scaled back missile defense system. The advantage of the new system is how it empowers each and every person to take part in the process. The way it works is simple. When you see a flash, simply duck and cover. If you happen to be in a school, duck and cover under your desk. If you are out on a picnic with your family, duck and cover, pulling the blanket over you and your family if possible. If you are walking along a street and you see the flash, duck and cover against a wall or curb. To unveil his new defense program of Duck & Cover, former President Clinton will appear in TV adds dressed in a turtle costume, an animal well known for its duck and cover abilities. President Clinton was selected for his skill in ducking and covering scandals. The former President was quoted as saying “I had 8 years as president and several decades of marriage to Hillary to practice my duck and covering skills. I told Barry that it would be an easy transition for me. “ The expected cost of the new program will be approximately 40 billion dollars. President Obama is expected to announce a duck and cover czar to implement the new program. Since former Soviet Block countries will be the most affected by the dropping of the missile defense shield, Obama also addressed these nations, “The way I see it (pause) you lived under an alleged tyranny(pause) for many years(pause) you should be used to ducking(pause) and covering(pause).

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Losing our Faith: From Antietam to Afghanistan

What has changed in our nation since the battle of Antietam? A great deal, but what specifically has changed in our nation to where we were willing to sustain 23,000 casualties in a single battle and 620,000 deaths overall? Obviously the cause of defending the union in the North and state’s rights in the South, while eliminating/defending slavery at the same time were lofty aspirations. Many will lay down their lives for a good cause, but why over the 145 years since Antietam has that sacrifice become increasingly difficult to make. With each war that follows, the tolerance of Americans, as well as other western nations, as diminished for losing life in battle. In Somalia, for example, the tragic loss of 18 soldiers was enough of a rallying cry to pull out. In Antietam, a single cannon blast could wipe out 18 soldiers. Afghanistan is now becoming a more and more desperate situation. Desperate from the standpoint that more and more lives are being lost on a weekly basis. Our tolerance is very low for death.
My attempt at contrast is not to try to compare the worth of fighting the civil war or the war on terror. I believe that the diminished tolerance of losing life in combat is a reflection of our spiritual values in a very ironic way. You would think that the more you pursue faith, the less likely you are to want to commit to war. I don’t believe history holds this to be true. You only have to look at the fanaticism of Jihadist blowing themselves up in the name of faith to see this. The contrast between a jihadist and our own reluctance to be dogmatic in our pursuit of the war on terror is the clearest evidence to date that increased faith and increased peace may not be a true equation.
What is the end result of faith? In a practical sense, faith tells us that our actions here on earth have an eternal impact. That our choices will determine how we face our eternal judge, God. In a faith perspective, life is the trial you go through to determine your eternity. Remove faith, and your life takes on new meaning. There is no eternity, except maybe the legacy of deeds or family. There are no consequences after you die. You simply return back to earth. This prospect is very bleak, yet embraced more and more by the west. In the time of the Civil War, mothers and fathers sent their sons to perish in mass numbers, but they took comfort in knowing that their child had an eternity.
Now, without any hope for eternity, the desire to allow one to live as long of a life here on earth is the goal. People do everything they can to preserve their own life and that of others for as long of a time as possible. It is a strange twist, the less concerned you are about eternity, the more you value your life. Jesus did say that if you want life, you must lose it first. If we do not view this life as the opportunity to lose it, we want to hang on to it. A jihadist see his sacrifice as the doorway to his skewed eternity. The Islamic world sees all events as the will of Allah. If they lose masses of people in a war against the great satan, it is the will of Allah.
Now, to bring it all full circle, how did we get to the point of diminished faith? I have heard a myriad of reasons, from separation of church and state to socialism. Our reluctance to lose life in combat has led me to a new theory on why our faith has diminished. I believe that as our life expectancy increases, meaning the increased probability of a delivered child to reach a full age of 78 or higher, we have become less dependent on hope of eternity. When families used to lose several children before the age of ten, they had the hope of eternity. Now, it is a rare and tragic loss. When young adults lost their lives to infections or war, they had a hope for eternity. Now, it is a rare and tragic loss. When older people succumbed to all cancers, there was a hope for eternity. Now, even at an age where death is expected, it is a tragic life. We mourn the perceived finality of the event and do not celebrate the passing into eternity. This is not to say that there are not those that still believe in eternity, such as myself. This is a statement on the diminished role of faith in the Western culture as a whole. This theory has to be the most ironic of all.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Orwell Warned Us We Too Can Become Totalitarian

From a 1949 letter from George Orwell to the then head of the UAW in reference to his book, 1984:
"The scene of the book is laid in Britain in order to emphasize that the English-speaking races are not innately better than anyone else and that totalitarianism, if not fought against, could triumph anywhere."
I think this captures not the audacity of hope as Obama ran on, but the audacity of our arrogance to think that we are somehow above the communist and fascist countries of europe, asia, and south america. I think the bible puts it even better when it says:
"for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God"

Friday, September 11, 2009

Christian Compassion: Government's Role

I have given quite a bit of thought about what Christian compassion looks like through government programs. With the healthcare debate at the forefront of the nation, there are some that believe it is the morally correct thing for the government to take care of healthcare for the millions of uninsured. Remember the parable of the good Samaritan. I don’t disagree with this premise fully. However, what that parable was expressing is the desire of God for the individual to reach out and care for another person regardless of possible bias. What it didn’t say was that the Samaritan saw a person hurt and left for dead so he lobbied his governing body to require free (meaning the recipient doesn’t pay) ambulance service for people hurt on the highway.
When we mandate “compassion” through government, we cut God out of the picture all together. That Samaritan wouldn’t see God’s love from the ambulance service that is just doing its job. Government is secular. Since a majority of Americans actually pay no taxes at all, how compassionate is it for them to make such a requirement when it requires no sacrifice or action on their part. People are becoming too “compassionate” with other people’s money.
When we mandate “compassion” through compassion, that compassion is lost on the future generations. If we all take a stand as Christians and say that government should cover the expenses of all healthcare as being the moral choice, the next generation, who will be paying for it, will never have the opportunity to make that decision. Instead, the money is taken from their paychecks automatically and without consent and distributed to those that others see fit to distribute it too. When Jesus instructed us to care for the widows and orphans, he said it to the people. He didn’t ask the people to require their government to do it. It is because we have given this power to government that the people no longer do these things for the glory of God.
Ultimately, when we force our “compassion” through government, where does it stop. Doesn’t really come down to a simple equation: To each according to their need, from each according to their ability to give. That kind of compassion, and it is always sold as compassion, cost 100 million people their lives in the 20th century. With liberty, there are a number who suffer. With oppression, the suffering is innumerable.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama Addresses Congress and the Nation on Healthcare: You Lie

900 billion through waste and penalties. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Obama was super giddy over finding 100 million in waste and that was across government. If you believe in this plan you:
1. don’t agree in the principles of market force.
2. you don’t think that the solution to rising cost has anything to do with supply and demand because the government option eliminates this all together
3. Think that current government programs, such as medicare, social security, and veterans care are successful and solvent.
4. Think that private companies will continue to pay for insurance as a benefit for employees despite a government option.
5. Think that illegals will not really benefit from the new obamacare and it won’t create yet another incentive to illegally migrate to the US.
6. Think that just because you can’t think of a government run program that is solvent and delivers as originally promised, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a first time for everything.
7. Believe that government will not try to micro manage your life.
8. Believe that there really won’t be death panels.
9. Believe that Obama, for the first time, will be true to his word.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Media's 9/11 cover-up

Every time I see a video of the towers being hit or collapsing, every time I hear a witness recount their experience, my heart is broken for the 3,000 people that died and the nation that was wounded. My heart also breaks because the biggest single attack on America has gone and continues to go under reported. Couple this with our President trying to cover-up 9/11 even more by creating a national day of service. Why do we not see more coverage. Is it because they don't want to show the traumatic footage and hurt people. I don't think so, since the same organizations show pictures of dying marines in afghanistan. I want to remember what happened, and I want my children to remember what happened that day.

Friday, September 4, 2009

From the Federalist Papers

When did our federal government break away from being subordinate to the states as described in the Federalist Papers below?
"The State governments may be regarded as constituent and essential parts of the federal government; whilst the latter is nowise essential to the operation or organization of the former. Without the intervention of the State legislatures, the President of the United States cannot be elected at all. They must in all cases have a great share in his appointment, and will, perhaps, in most cases, of themselves determine it. The Senate will be elected absolutely and exclusively by the State legislatures. Even the House of Representatives, though drawn immediately from the people, will be chosen very much under the influence of that class of men, whose influence over the people obtains for themselves an election into the State legislatures. Thus, each of the principal branches of the federal government will owe its existence more or less to the favor of the State governments, and must consequently feel a dependence, which is much more likely to beget a disposition too obsequious than too overbearing towards them. On the other side, the component parts of the State governments will in no instance be indebted for their appointment to the direct agency of the federal government, and very little, if at all, to the local influence of its members."
And, when did the federal government become the biggest employer?
"The number of individuals employed under the Constitution of the United States will be much smaller than the number employed under the particular States. There will consequently be less of personal influence on the side of the former than of the latter. The members of the legislative, executive, and judiciary departments of thirteen and more States, the justices of peace, officers of militia, ministerial officers of justice, with all the county, corporation, and town officers, for three millions and more of people, intermixed, and having particular acquaintance with every class and circle of people, must exceed, beyond all proportion, both in number and influence, those of every description who will be employed in the administration of the federal system."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Twin in Congres: U.S. Rep. Paul Broun

according to this article, there is a person in congress that is making the exact same points I am. They include:

1. Obama is a fascist dictator operating a shadow government through his use of czars
2. Obama will raise a civilian national defense force
3. Obama controls the media
4. That obama will control guns next
5. Obama will use the swine flu to declare martial law. I thought I was out on a limb on that one, but maybe not.
6. Obamacare is about control not health care.

This guy is either an avid reader of my blog or we were separated at birth.

1933 Redux: Pledging Allegiance to Obama

I am constantly finding parallels between the fascism that existed in Germany and the fascism that is being instituted by Obama, primarily around making him the head of the fascist movement. One of the things that is important about our nation is that we pledge allegiance to our country and the constitution, things that are not personality centric, and not to a person. This is changing. There is a 4 minute video featuring celebrities discussing how they were going to volunteer their service. What is important about this video is the pledge of allegiance they make, not to serve our country, but to serve our president. Think about the significance of this. The Germans served Der Fuhrer, and pledged their allegiance to follow him. By doing so, they put aside what was best for the country and blindly followed a personality. In the beginning, that service meant building roads, the shovel ready projects of their day. Later, that service led to unifying the German people, creating lebensraum, and committing genocide.
Hitler didn’t start with genocide. He had to build his civilian army first. He had to recruit from the youth. He knew that the regular army would not support some of the more extreme programs. Hitler put those that had blind allegiance to himself and his programs in key positions of power, just as Obama is doing with the creation of the various czars, positions that have no constitutional power and circumvent the legislative branch for approval. Hitler then needed foot soldiers to institute his programs, soldiers that reported to his newly created positions that were only accountable to Hitler. He had his Hitler youth program to fill the ranks. Do you think parents of these young men knew they would be the ones committing atrocities? They were part of the Hitler Youth as an act of service. Remember, Obama has called for a civilian defense force as powerful and well funded as the military. That means billions of dollars and millions of people. What do you think Obama was talking about and how do you think he planned on accomplishing this? He has the a powerful ally in the teacher’s union, NEA. So many of these teachers have been indoctrinating our children for decades. Now, with Obama’s national address to our students on education and service, they will be receiving marching orders directly from our President. All of these initiatives are centered around the Obama figurehead. If Obama just wanted service for the country, he would have just sent out a memo. He wants these children to see his face and hear his voice. Dictators like Hitler and Stalin knew the importance of face time and air time.
It is clear to me that Obama is trying to become our Nation’s fascist dictator. He is consolidating power. As he creates his army by indoctrinating our youth, I will be curious to see how he uses this army. What will be his Lebensraum? Who will he target for pogroms. Some of the next steps that we need to watch out for is censorship, which he is attempting indirectly. As our economic situation continues, we must look to see who he demonizes and scapegoats. We must also look to see who he marginalizes as worthy of life. He already marginalizes the unborn and has began to marginalize the elderly. Will it be the disabled next? It sounds crazy, but when you make the comparisons, it is uncanny. We may look back and say that our biggest fault as a nation was our arrogance in believing we were better than the Germans of the 1930’s. Will our Pledge of allegiance change to the following.

I pledge allegiance
To our President
Of the United States of America
And to the office
For which it stands
One nation
Under Obama
Totally divided
With no faith
Except to Barrack

Will Obama's Panzers be Hybrids?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Home Schooler forced into Public School: Obama Youth Boot Camp

I couldn't believe the reasoning and the inheritent hipocracy. From the decision:
"[E]ducation is by its nature an exploration and examination of new things," the court order read. "[A] child requires academic, social, cultural, and physical interaction with a variety of experiences, people, concepts, and surroundings in order to grow to an adult who can make intelligent decisions about how to achieve a productive and satisfying life."
What is really being said is that the government wants children to experience only the new things presented in a government school. I know for sure that these schools are not at all about introducing concepts of Christ, which to many would be new concepts. They are about introducing the new concepts of sex, masturbation, all non-christian faiths, theories on the environment, your civic duty, and who to vote for.
My hope is that these leftist keep pushing and squeezing all areas of conservative Christian life. When they do these things one at a time, there is never any outcry. As Obama is now learning, when you shove liberalism down our throats with a fire hose, people fight back.
The rebuttal statement says :
"It is not the proper role of the court to insist that [the girl] be 'exposed to different points of view' if the primary residential parent has determined that it is in Amanda's best interest not to be exposed to secular influences that would undermine [the girl's] faith, schooling, social development, etc.,"
How does a court reflect on the constitution and find cause to force a child to attend a public school.
Remember, these public schools have been the factory that have produced millions of liberals. Now, they will begin creating the legions of Obmama youth that will be used to fill his civilian defense force. Obama begins his recruitment by addressing all public school children.