Thursday, September 3, 2009

1933 Redux: Pledging Allegiance to Obama

I am constantly finding parallels between the fascism that existed in Germany and the fascism that is being instituted by Obama, primarily around making him the head of the fascist movement. One of the things that is important about our nation is that we pledge allegiance to our country and the constitution, things that are not personality centric, and not to a person. This is changing. There is a 4 minute video featuring celebrities discussing how they were going to volunteer their service. What is important about this video is the pledge of allegiance they make, not to serve our country, but to serve our president. Think about the significance of this. The Germans served Der Fuhrer, and pledged their allegiance to follow him. By doing so, they put aside what was best for the country and blindly followed a personality. In the beginning, that service meant building roads, the shovel ready projects of their day. Later, that service led to unifying the German people, creating lebensraum, and committing genocide.
Hitler didn’t start with genocide. He had to build his civilian army first. He had to recruit from the youth. He knew that the regular army would not support some of the more extreme programs. Hitler put those that had blind allegiance to himself and his programs in key positions of power, just as Obama is doing with the creation of the various czars, positions that have no constitutional power and circumvent the legislative branch for approval. Hitler then needed foot soldiers to institute his programs, soldiers that reported to his newly created positions that were only accountable to Hitler. He had his Hitler youth program to fill the ranks. Do you think parents of these young men knew they would be the ones committing atrocities? They were part of the Hitler Youth as an act of service. Remember, Obama has called for a civilian defense force as powerful and well funded as the military. That means billions of dollars and millions of people. What do you think Obama was talking about and how do you think he planned on accomplishing this? He has the a powerful ally in the teacher’s union, NEA. So many of these teachers have been indoctrinating our children for decades. Now, with Obama’s national address to our students on education and service, they will be receiving marching orders directly from our President. All of these initiatives are centered around the Obama figurehead. If Obama just wanted service for the country, he would have just sent out a memo. He wants these children to see his face and hear his voice. Dictators like Hitler and Stalin knew the importance of face time and air time.
It is clear to me that Obama is trying to become our Nation’s fascist dictator. He is consolidating power. As he creates his army by indoctrinating our youth, I will be curious to see how he uses this army. What will be his Lebensraum? Who will he target for pogroms. Some of the next steps that we need to watch out for is censorship, which he is attempting indirectly. As our economic situation continues, we must look to see who he demonizes and scapegoats. We must also look to see who he marginalizes as worthy of life. He already marginalizes the unborn and has began to marginalize the elderly. Will it be the disabled next? It sounds crazy, but when you make the comparisons, it is uncanny. We may look back and say that our biggest fault as a nation was our arrogance in believing we were better than the Germans of the 1930’s. Will our Pledge of allegiance change to the following.

I pledge allegiance
To our President
Of the United States of America
And to the office
For which it stands
One nation
Under Obama
Totally divided
With no faith
Except to Barrack

Will Obama's Panzers be Hybrids?


Troy said...

I bought the DVD of The Hidding Place the other night, I guess I should watch it and form my strategy. Which country did those that disagreed with Germany ultimatly find refuge?

jrchaard said...

I can only think of the United States, if refuge means living life free from the fear and persecution from which you escaped. I'm watching defiance right now. These people found refuge in a forest, but they were not free from persecution and fear