Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama Addresses Congress and the Nation on Healthcare: You Lie

900 billion through waste and penalties. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Obama was super giddy over finding 100 million in waste and that was across government. If you believe in this plan you:
1. don’t agree in the principles of market force.
2. you don’t think that the solution to rising cost has anything to do with supply and demand because the government option eliminates this all together
3. Think that current government programs, such as medicare, social security, and veterans care are successful and solvent.
4. Think that private companies will continue to pay for insurance as a benefit for employees despite a government option.
5. Think that illegals will not really benefit from the new obamacare and it won’t create yet another incentive to illegally migrate to the US.
6. Think that just because you can’t think of a government run program that is solvent and delivers as originally promised, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a first time for everything.
7. Believe that government will not try to micro manage your life.
8. Believe that there really won’t be death panels.
9. Believe that Obama, for the first time, will be true to his word.

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