Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama Newspeak

War is Peace, slavery is freedom, ignorance is truth... and now tax is keep. If I were watching an episode of the simpsons, the orwellian satire of the Obama administration would be enough to keep me in stitches. Unfortunately for the nation, Obama is not a satire, but our real president. While he scolds the media for misreporting his healthcare reform bill, he engages in his new form of newspeak. First came his lie that the bill didn't cover illegals when it did. Now, when he tells the public via his round of big brother interviews that there is no tax involved in his plan, it comes out that the baucus bill includes explicit tax language. This is nothing surprising if you really start to understand that this man really walks the big brother walk. It is no longer funny. He flat out lies to you and then scolds you for doubting him. The other brewing newspeak is defeat is victory. He will play that one out with the war in afghanistan. How will this play out. Our teacher's have aleady been laying the ground work for believing two plus two is five through outcome based education. Will this all end as the opposition faces their room 101. Will I too end up loving big brother.

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