Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obama's Address to the UN: US a Nation of Shame.

Obama’s address to the UN yesterday was an embarrassment to our nation. The only thing Obama didn't blame the United States for was death by natural causes, but I think that was only because he ran out of time. Instead of projecting the United States as a nation of power, freedom, and opportunity, we were cast as the global villain. This is nothing new when it comes to the UN. To most of the nations, we are the villain. What was different is that with Obama as our leader, we agreed with these nations and apologized for being too great. Once again, even though I know this man is a fascist crackpot, I still can’t believe he that he would tear down our country to such a wide audience. When a person puts down their “team”, it is usually because they want to join another team. During the election, when Obama wouldn’t wear a lapel pin, it became an issue that was put down as making too much out of nothing. This simple act was our first and biggest clue to the shame this man feels for his nation. The nation ignored it, and now we have Obama apologizing to Quadafi. When the leader of Libya thinks you are a good president, we know we are in trouble. Obama’s speech was an appeal to the nations of the world for his own popularity at the cost of our nations dignity. He didn’t try to make our country popular, he tried to make himself more popular and he succeeded. Who is Obama appealing to for popularity? With a few exceptions, most nations of the world are run by third world dictators. This is the crowd Obama wants to run in. It is like the smart kid in school with all the promise of a bright future, throwing it all away to hang out with the drop outs. All I can say is that we only have 3 years 3 months left of this one term wanna be dictator.

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