Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hollywood's Africa:The Fruit of the Welfare State

I just finished watching the movie, The Constant Gardener, in which a British diplomat’s wife is murdered while they are stationed in Kenya as she uncovers a pharmaceutical company’s use of AIDS patients as live guinea pigs to test a tuberculosis drug. He picks up where she left off, only to be murdered himself, but not before sending the critical evidence away that will reveal the involvement of government officials. The movie is set in both Kenya and the Sudan and displays a very grim reality that is faced by Africans. Movies like this, Hotel Rwanda, Blood Diamond, Black Hawk Down, and the Last King of Scotland show a continent of death and no hope. These movies portray a continent in which you face three fates, death by starvation, death by disease, or death through war. An Africans life prior to this end is lived out in some sort of direct or indirect service to a white person as a diamond miner, aide worker, or in tourism. All of these vocations boil down to a kind of situational slavery. Your only other option is to join one of the lawless gangs of AK-47 wielding bandits that terrorize the other people. From Hollywood, Africa looks to be a hell on earth.
I’m not going to dispute that any of this may be the reality in Africa. I rarely hear reports to the contrary. I’m also not going to dispute the effect of European colonization on creating this climate of chaos in Africa. I will say that it is the welfare state that has been created by the west that facilitates this existence, (if one group of people, the woman and children, are recipients of aide, the other group of people, the men, spend their time stealing the aide instead of producing something) but that is not my point. My point is that if this really is the dominant reality, how can the population of Africa increase or maintain its level. It would stand to reason that if you starve, are shot, or die of disease, then your life expectancy is diminished. Somehow kids are born, grow up, and have kids themselves in ways that increase the population. I have a general curiosity on how the rest of non-hollywood Africa does it. What is their story. If this really is the reality in Africa, why would we not recognize that a continent on welfare is what keeps this going. Why would we also not recognize that a similar welfare state in our own country will produce similar results.


Kansas Bob said...

I am pretty ignorant about Africa. Never hear any good news from over there. Wonder how accurate Hollywood's version is? And maybe welfare is the right response?

jrchaard said...

I don't know either. if it is true, it is a sad existence. If it is true, I think it proves welfare is not the solution. Certainly there has to be something that can be exported or created in Africa.

Anonymous said...

More insight on Afrrica would be great to read on the Zulu Buff site. I agree but I get some sense that you are anti-helping others. Your post reminds me of a lunch with a co-worker. As we ate in McDonalds, a man asked for money 'to buy food'. I offered my second unopened sandwitch (twice). He refused, then moved on to pick on a young lady nearby. In many similar events, fewer accept non-cash giving than expected. I think that you can give without harming the recipieant. Accepting helpful gifts can be a step up instead of just a hand out. It could open the way for the gift of Christ or end some other bondage. I think proper help takes a lot more work and lazy people just hand over cash and say oh well I tried. - TH

jrchaard said...

I think that the welfare state perpetuated by the international community is at fault. I do believe that just as is done in the US, there is an effort on the part of the left to keep the black population in permanent dependence. When does a hand out become welfare? It happens rather quickly. The results of what is done in Africa and our inner cities would speak to a total failure of policy. If the true intent was not to keep these people down, why wouldn't the policy be revised.

John said...

Africa has always been a savage continent because it is populated by savages. Blacks need about 100,000 more years of evolution before they reach humaness.

You response should be to not split hairs and say something to the effect that 'Africa is not all black'. Of course I know that.

The movies cited are all about blacks, and that is what this is in response to. The truth, the reality of it all is no matter where blacks are, it is Africa, a violent, disease ridden, dangerous, dirty place.

You can use all of the excuses you want, but blacks left to their own devices excel at raping, killing and stealing, and no excuse changes that. They were that way well before any evil white person gave them pants and water pumps, and they are that way afterwards as well. Look at any large city which is majority black, and there is Africa.

It really amazes me how you equality mongers always have an excuse for blacks(slavery, and colonization, oh my!), and yet also go on and on about how they are our equals. You would think that if they were our equals, they would have as low as a crime rate in their home countries, or have the wits to expel white people from them without the help of other whites.

The answer to as the reason they are continually growing is because we keep feeding them, and giving them medicine, and they continue to breed like rabbits. Any black popular music should clue you into their love for the non stop boomboom. And you wonder why?

P.S. I will be returning to see if you really are all that concerned with free speech.

jrchaard said...

my goodness. I wonder if the asians will have the same attitude toward "whites" when they become the dominant power in the world. There are so many levels around how Africa got to be the way that it is, but it certainly is not around the genetics. As any DNA test would show, there is no "evolutionary" difference between peoples. When you look at a dominant tribe, like the Zulus, you saw the beginnings of a culture, how be it violent, that was on the verge of creating a civilization with millions of subjects. So, if you take the cultures of west africa and decimate them with slavery, then, you take europeans with superior weaponary that carve up Africa based on their needs, then you end slavery, and end colonization, but leave the artificial boundries that grouped together tribal enemies, then after having left, you use the power of a world government to try and continue these artificial boundries, oh yeah, and lets not forget a century of oppression in South Africa, and now addict the continent to the narcotic of welfare, and you have what you have in Africa. It has nothing to do with genetics.