Monday, October 19, 2009

The Most Divisive Phrase in America: The First __ to ___

The most divisive phrase currently used in American Culture is “the first (fill in gender/ethnicity) to (fill in accomplishment). Nothing declares differences more than for a person to declare themselves as the first gender/ethnicity to achieve something. This phrase works on so many levels I don’t even know if I can write about them all. For the person using the phrase, it calls out that they consider themselves different enough from others that the fact that they too have made an accomplishment that somebody already achieved should be applauded. The phase must be employed skillfully for the user or risk highlighting its futility. For example, if DNA has already been discovered, would a woman or ethnicity then also attempt to discover DNA, thus proclaiming themselves as the first (blank) to have discovered DNA. DNA is DNA and doesn’t need to be discovered multiple times. Instead, the phrase is used for things like sports or politics. To give out such honors says that for everything, there will be secondary accolades reserved for a woman or non-caucasian ethnicity. The message then is that it is realized that you are at a disadvantage based solely on your appearance or chromosomes, and will therefore have the opportunity to receive secondary first place honors. If I were the recipient of such an honor, I would ask that it be stricken from the records.
I happen to believe that, to borrow from an Obama praise song, “red and yellow, black and white, they are equal in his sight”, God did not intend on us to subdivide ourselves in such a way. We are created by God and have a variety of appearances to highlight his glory and diversity. I do not believe that God will have recognition for the first black man to be Saved, or the first Woman to have a prophetic gift, or the first Asian to come to heaven. If the phrase is so divisive, why would it be used and accepted. This phrase is used to propagate the race industry that is instrumental in the power of the left. The same people that scream racism are the first people to point out that a minority just accomplished something that had already been accomplished. My goal is to raise my children to see color as only something designed by God in the same way flowers have many colors. Ultimately, the phrase is tied to the dollars signs generated from an outdated race industry in America that pays the salaries of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and the ACLU. Sadly, while I may do my best to make my children color blind in love, the race industry will do its best to divide, a living tower of babel.


Kansas Bob said...

I think I was the first white man to read this blog post.

jrchaard said...

congratulations. According to Feedjit, you were the first person to read the blog, and as you pointed out, you will be the first white person.