Monday, October 26, 2009

No H1N1 Vaccine for First Family

As of now, it still appears that none of the First Family have received the vaccine. Just as with all of the Presidents plans, this one also appears to be an unfullfilled promise. In a time of national emergency, wouldn't it stand to reason that Obama would get his family taken care of. Above all people, he should take care of himself as a matter of national security.


Troy said...

There has to have been US deaths from the Vaccine...

"According to Associated Content, in Sweden four people have taken the H1N1 vaccine shot and have died within a few days. It is important to note that the shot received in the United States is different than what is being given outside the United States.

The four people who have died in Sweden include: a 74-year-old heart and lung disease patient, a 90-year-old patient, a female patient (no age given) with a history of muscle disease, and a 50-year-old man with a heart condition. Once again, the deaths of these four people in Sweden have not been directly linked to the H1N1 vaccine, but each of them did receive the shot and died within a few days."

Troy said...

Flu Fears Overblown? Study: H1N1 pandemic not as bad as health officials feared