Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama Wins Nobel Prize: Bill Clinton Most Jealous Man in the World

Bill Clinton has just turned over in his grave of irrelevance. He so wanted to be loved and adored by the world and nothing says that more than a nobel prize. Clinton thought he had the perfect formula, diminish America’s global power. Unfortunately, he was missing the key ingredient, one that Jimmy Carter achieved. In order for an American to win the Nobel Peace Prize, an American President, current or former, must denounce Isreal. Obama did so in Cairo, Turkey, but now more importantly, in the UN. I believe that Obama could have launched a nuclear strike against Samoa and still won the Nobel Peace Prize so long as he denounced Israel and put distance between the US and our “former” ally. Of course, reading Chavez’ book and rubbing elbows with fellow dictators doesn’t hurt, the snubbing of Jews is what is more appealing to the Nobel group. Peace to the world does mean a weak America, but it also must be an America that doesn’t support Israel.

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Kansas Bob said...

Obama can thank Bush for the award.. had nothing to do with anyone else.. okay maybe Cheney helped a bit too.. and Rush Limbaugh didn't hurt :)