Friday, October 2, 2009

Our Olympic Embarrassment: Obama's Gold Medal Failure

I certainly will not stand alone in my critique of our bid to bring the Olympics to Chicago, nor will my opinion be unique. I must, however, offer my thoughts on this most embarrassing misadventure of our President and the guilty pleasure I get from his failure. Like Rush Limbaugh, I hope to see Obama fail. Obama’s failure means that a fascist agenda of a megalomaniac does not get advanced. Right now, Obama is failing in every endeavor he has attempted, from TARP to healthcare, from Afghanistan to his Olympic bid. For opponents to Obama like myself, we have been saying that everything this man does is about him and him alone. It is about his attempt to become a dictator through increasing his power and promoting his image. He has increased his power through TARP, the take-over of the auto-industry and banking, and his attempt at environmental and healthcare policy. He has promoted his image, how be it unsuccessful, through countless television interviews and late-night show appearances, unprecedented addresses to Congress and school children, and now his failed bid for the Olympics. What we have seen in the last 45 days is a backlash against Obama and his inability to recognize the tide has turned against him, both foreign and domestic. I am happy to surf on the top of the tide of opposition. As a side note, as an example of why Obama failure is good for America, if Obama had succeeded in bringing the Olympics to Chicago, the result would be an expenditure in infrastructure that exceeds the possible income. Not to mention all the olympic venues that would sit to rot in the years after the Olympics.

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Troy said...

I awaited your post on the topic. I never want our president to fail - unless he is doing things that he should not be. YES WE CAN be happy this failed. I wonder if my parents felt this way when Carter was president?