Friday, October 23, 2009

Pay Czar Slashes Pay of Top Executives

I happen to think that the pay czar or any other federal official has total authority to slash the pay of any worker for any company that received a bailout. I think it is important that this happen, not becuase I believe there is justice served, but so that all companies will see what comes with receiving government money. I hope Obama doesn't just slash pay. I hope he takes their homes, cars, jewelry, jets, clothes, bikes... I hope they take it all and burn it or give it to Katrina victims. The only thing Obama is good at is showing a contrast between a fascist dictatorship and the free country we once were (sometime before Bush 1). So, don't go crying capitalism when the pay is cut for these guys because the second they took the money, they gave up the free market.

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Kansas Bob said...

I agree.. can't take a handout and then cry about the strings attached to it. I doubt that execs will learn anything from this though.